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Prof. Voth interviewed about the first usable computational model of the entire virus on Fox 32

January 20, 2021

Chemist Prof. Gregory Voth was interviewed about the first usable computational model of the entire virus that is responsible for COVID-19 on Fox 32 Chicago.

Prof. Benson Farb resurrects Hilbert’s 13th Problem and mines web of connections

January 15, 2021

Prof. Benson Farb is among mathematicians resurrecting Hilbert’s 13th Problem. Long considered solved, David Hilbert’s question about seventh-degree polynomials is leading researchers to a new web of mathematical connections.

Dark Energy Survey releases catalog of nearly 700 million astronomical objects to the public

January 14, 2021

On January 14, Dark Energy Survey released a catalog of nearly 700 million astronomical objects to the public. The pioneering Fermilab-led survey, directed by Astronomy & Astrophysics Prof. Emeritus Rich Kron, covered 5,000 square degrees of the southern sky

Prof. Gladders’s undergrads discover bright lensed galaxy in the early universe

January 13, 2021

Prof. Gladders's undergrads discover bright lensed galaxy in the early universe

UChicago scientists create first computational model of entire virus responsible for COVID-19

January 7, 2021

Researchers in chemist Greg Voth’s lab have created the first computational model of the entire virus responsible for COVID-19. The pioneering multiscale model allows researchers to plug in and better understand information as new discoveries are made.

The World War II-era Chicago school of meteorology that decoded weather forecasting

January 4, 2021

The World War II-era Chicago school of meteorology that decoded weather forecasting

Ripples in space-time could provide clues to missing components of the universe

January 4, 2021

UChicago astrophysicist Jose María Ezquiaga lays out how LIGO gravitational waves could be scrambled, yielding information.


UChicago scientists pioneer new method of measuring electricity in cells

December 23, 2020

Electricity is a key ingredient in living bodies. We know that voltage differences are important in biological systems; they drive the beating of the heart and allow neurons to communicate with one another. But for decades, it wasn’t possible to measure voltage differences between organelles—the membrane-wrapped structures inside the cell—and the rest of the cell. A pioneering technology created by UChicago scientists, however, allows researchers to peer into cells to see how many different organelles use voltages to carry out functions. 

Ten cool research stories you might have missed this year

December 23, 2020

Amid a tumultuous year in which many pivoted to COVID-19 research, University of Chicago scholars and scientists have also been hard at work continuing to understand the planet and the universe we live in, to improve our lives, and to build a future that’s clean, safe and sustainable.

New study helps pinpoint when Earth’s tectonic plates began

December 18, 2020

New study helps pinpoint when Earth’s tectonic plates began—rocks tell story of planet’s transition from alien landscape to continents, oceans and life

Four faculty among top-cited UChicago researchers on Google Scholar

December 17, 2020

Four current Physical Science Division scientists ranked among the most cited University of Chicago scholars, according to Google Scholar. Researchers included on the list have public Google Scholar profiles with verified email addresses at UChicago.

UChicago alumnus startup Base Genomics acquired by Exact Sciences

December 15, 2020

Chunxiao Song, PhD'13, co-founded a biotech startup that was recently acquired by Exact Sciences for $410 million. The startup company sequences genetic and epigenetic data to detect early-stage cancer.

PSD most read stories 2020

December 15, 2020

In this unprecedented year of news, fifteen PSD-related stories on the UChicago News site garnered over 4,000 views according to Google analytics. The vital role of the PSD response to the pandemic is represented alongside coverage of the University’s appointment of its first woman provost and breakthroughs in field-defining research. Here, ranked by highest readership, are the top stories covering PSD news and research for 2020.

Twenty PSD students selected as 2020–21 Radix Trading Fellows

December 15, 2020

The Physical Sciences Division of the University of Chicago has selected 20 PhD students in the Departments of Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, and Astronomy & Astrophysics as the 2020–21 Radix Trading Fellows.

Prof. Elisabeth Moyers’ new US Energy History Visualization profiled in The Atlantic

December 9, 2020

Geophysical Sciences Professor Elisabeth Moyer discusses her work on the Research Computing Center's U.S. Energy History Visualization in the Atlantic. It is an interactive Sankey diagram of energy transitions.