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University of Chicago hosts first South Side Science Festival

September 20, 2022

A child in a spinning chair holds a rotating bike wheel to demo angular momentum

The all-day, all ages event highlighted the importance of STEM education, careers in science and understanding how science impacts daily life. The festival was created to connect South Side community members with science education resources.

Meet computer science student, Tianle Liu

September 14, 2022

Tianle Liu

Tianle Liu was born and raised in Beijing, China, and first came to UChicago as a physics and mathematics double major in The College. This will be her fifth year on campus! She is currently pursuing a master’s in computer science. As part of the EPiQC education team, she works with Professor Diana Franklin to create engaging and accessible quantum computing education materials.

Scientists prepare to send a balloon to search for ‘messengers from outer space’

August 23, 2022

Two scientists review a partially assembled fluorescence telescope

NASA has awarded $4.3 million for the final phase of construction and flight of the Extreme Universe Space Observatory on a Super Pressure Balloon (EUSO-SPB2) experiment led by Prof. Angela Olinto, Dept. of Astronomy and Astrophysics. Sending a scientific balloon to 110,000 feet above Earth will enable a search for tiny, ultra-high-energy cosmic ray particles and neutrinos.

Fellowship helps College student launch career in aerospace industry

August 22, 2022

Audrey Scott

Third-year Audrey Scott is one of 51 undergrads to earn a competitive Brooke Owens Fellowship. Read about her summer research at Ball Aerospace in Boulder, CO.

Here’s why Earth just had its shortest day on record

August 22, 2022

Earth from space

Geophysical sciences graduate student, Sasha Warren, writes in Scientific American how wind, ice, and rock may have combined to give our planet its shortest day.

Meet Dieter Gruen, renowned scientist and innovator

August 19, 2022

Dieter M. Gruen

Dieter M. Gruen, Physics PhD’51, is a 99-year-old scientist who fled Nazi Germany, worked on the atomic bomb, and continues to push the bounds of alternative energy technology. 

Meteorite provides record of asteroids ‘spitting out’ pebbles

August 15, 2022

black and white asteroid

Research led by Prof. Philipp Heck, the Robert A. Pritzker Curator of Meteoritics at Chicago’s Field Museum, and geophysical sciences graduate student, Xin Yang, explains strange particle ejection behavior seen in 2019 on the Bennu asteroid.

PSD in the News - July 2022

August 1, 2022

PSD against a white and turquoise background

This month PSD researchers have been featured for their efforts to use supercomputing simulations to reveal weaknesses in HIV-1 defense, share the scientific community's enthusiasm for the first full-color images of James Webb Space Telescope, and to invent a ‘quantum flute’ that can make particles of light move together.

Enlightened: Kenneth Sembach, AB’88, leads the mission to find the universe’s first light

July 14, 2022

Kenneth Sembach

UChicago Magazine profiles Kenneth Sembach, AB’88, the director of the Space Telescope Science Institute, the NASA-contracted nonprofit organization responsible for Webb’s flight and science operations.

Emily Chen, SB’20 Chemistry, among inaugural class of Arley D. Cathay Fellows

July 11, 2022

Emily Chen

Emily Chen, SB’20 Chemistry and a researcher in the lab of Prof. Giulia Galli, has been selected for the inaugural Arley D. Cathey International Graduate Study Fellowships, which provide financial assistance to pursue a rigorous, research-oriented master's degree at an internationally renowned foreign research university.

PSD in the News - June 22

June 30, 2022

PSD against a white and turquoise background

This month PSD researchers have been featured for their efforts to understand why Mars dried out, expand and activate the Chicagoland quantum network, and analyze samples from asteroid Ryugu collected by Hayabusa2.

DSI Summer Lab returns in-person with 49 students from across the U.S.

June 22, 2022

the logo for the UChicago Data Science Institute Summer Lab in maroon and yellow

After two years of remote participation, the 2022 DSI Summer Lab will bring 49 high school, undergraduate, and master’s students to Chicago for a ten-week immersion into data science research.

Undergrads begin summer quantum research with support from Moore Foundation, Chicago region universities, national labs

June 14, 2022

Undergrads visiting a quantum research lab

An inaugural cohort of a dozen students will join quantum research labs around the Midwest this June, planting the seeds for a diverse and inclusive quantum workforce.

Physics student Katrina Miller writes about the unwritten laws of physics for Black women

June 8, 2022

UChicago graduate women physicists Andrea Bryant, LaNijah Flagg, Katrina Miller, and Ayanna Matthews in the machine shop at UChicago

Physics graduate student Katrina Miller traces histories of Black women physicists and astrophysicists in the PSD, in a personal essay for Wired Magazine. She writes, “I just wanted to be a scientist, not a trailblazer. But in my field, people like me are anomalies—and we face constant scrutiny for our race and gender.”

PSD recognizes nine students with a William Rainey Harper Dissertation Fellowship

June 7, 2022

psd logo

The Physical Sciences Division has selected nine graduate students to receive a William Rainey Harper Dissertation Fellowship for the 2022-2023 academic year.