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PSD faculty named 2021 AAAS fellows

January 26, 2022

Ed Blucher and Mike Franklin

Two PSD faculty members are among the nine UChicago faculty named 2021 fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Prof. Ed Blucher is a particle physicist and Prof. and Liew Family Chair of Computer Science Mike Franklin is an authority on computation and data science.

Computer scientist Prof. Ben Zhao named ACM fellow

January 20, 2022

Ben Zhao

The Association for Computing Machinery, the world's largest and most prestigious society of computing professionals, elected UChicago CS Professor Ben Y. Zhao as a fellow in the organization’s 2021 class.

In-fridge controller could scale up quantum computers, award-winning UChicago research finds

January 18, 2022

A figure from a quantum computing paper showing the logic technology of SFQ-based two-qubit operations with low error.

An award-winning collaboration between computer scientists and physicists at the University of Chicago broke through one of the key obstacles for large-scale quantum computing by figuring out how to move their control signals “inside the fridge.”

Cheng Chin receives ’21–’22 Marian and Stuart Rice Research Award

January 7, 2022

Cheng Chin

Professor Cheng Chin of the Department of Physics, the Enrico Fermi Institute, and the James Franck Institute has received the ’21–’22 Marian and Stuart Rice Research Award, a Divisional honor that provides $100,000 for intellectually exciting and innovative research ventures that enable new research directions. Professor Chin is a pioneer in using ultracold atoms to study the quantum phenomena that underlie the behavior of other particles in the universe.

Two PSD astronomers named AAS Fellows

January 5, 2022

Rich Kron and Hsiao-Wen Chen

Professor Hsiao-Wen Chen and Professor Emeritus Richard Kron in the University of Chicago Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics have been named 2022 American Astronomical Society Fellows.

In the News - December 2021

January 3, 2022

PSD against a white and turquoise background

This month PSD researchers have been featured for their efforts to find extremely energetic particles from outer space with the PUEO Antarctic balloon mission, teach students how to design, build and calibrate their own devices in the creative machines class, and assemble global experts to discuss internet equity and access.


UChicago faculty receive named, distinguished service professorships

December 21, 2021

Brent Doiron

Brent Doiron has been named the first Heinrich Kluver Professor of Neurobiology, Statistics and the College. Doiron uses advanced mathematics to understand how networks of neurons process information about sensory inputs. His research focuses on a combination of nonlinear dynamics and statistical mechanics, with an emphasis on the genesis and transfer of variability in neural circuits. He has developed core theoretical insights that have contributed to both neural coding and network learning. He works closely with experimental neuroscientists who work in the electrosensory, olfactory, somatosensory, auditory and visual systems.

Suzuki Postdoctoral Fellowship Award 2021-2022

December 21, 2021

Aleksandr Lykhin and Koushambi Mitra

Two postdocs, Aleksandr Lykhin and Koushambi Mitra, have been named recipients of the 2021-2022 Suzuki Postdoctoral Fellowship Award. Yuji Suzuki, SM’70, a longtime supporter and former Council member of the Physical Sciences Division, established the Yuji and Lorraine Suzuki Postdoctoral Research Fund in 2016 to recognize outstanding postdoctoral researchers.

To find energetic particles from space, a new detector will soar over Antarctic ice

December 16, 2021

A rendering of what PUEO may look like when deployed. Each white dish is a radio antenna; the signals from each antenna are combined in order to pick up signals from high-energy neutrinos passing through Antarctic ice.

University of Chicago physicist Abby Vieregg is leading an international experiment that essentially uses the ice in Antarctica as a giant detector to find extremely energetic particles from outer space. Recently approved by NASA, the $20 million project called PUEO will build an instrument to fly above the Antarctic in a balloon, launching in December 2024.

MICCoM center, directed by Prof. Galli, leads to award-winning computational science

December 7, 2021

Prof. of Chemistry Giulia Galli and a student collaborate on writing equations with markers on a window.

The Midwest Center for Computational Materials (MICCoM) is one of five centers in the US where scientists focus on developing software to help predict materials for energy conversion technologies and quantum information science. The team of 34 scientists, led by Professor of Chemistry Giulia Galli, has been recognized with several prestigious awards this year.

Dean Angela V. Olinto elected to Brazilian Academy of Sciences

December 6, 2021

Dean of Physical Sciences, Angela V. Olinto

Angela V. Olinto, Dean of the Physical Sciences and the Albert A. Michelson Distinguished Service Professor in the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Enrico Fermi Institute, and the College, was elected as Corresponding Member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences by their General Assembly on December 2, 2021. She will be admitted on January 1, 2022.

Physics Prof. Yau Wah, recent APS inductee, reflects on his research and academic career

December 2, 2021

Prof. Yau W. Wah

Prof. Yau W. Wah from the Dept. of Physics was one of three UChicago professors inducted into the American Physical Society (APS) this October for his notable contributions to the fields of quantum and particle physics. The Chicago Maroon interviewed him about his research and academic career.

Wearable device that changes perception of softness wins best paper at UIST 2021

December 1, 2021

A fingertip haptic device built in a human computer integration lab shows a person comparing the softness of a teddybear and a hunk of metal

A new wearable technology designed by researchers in the Human Computer Integration laboratory at UChicago Computer Science can fool fingertips, changing the user’s perception of an object’s softness. The research describing the project, led by predoctoral student Yujie Tao, received a Best Paper Award at the 2021 ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology and the Best Demo Award from the UIST Jury.

Web of Science recognizes highly cited researchers of 2021

December 1, 2021

PSD against a white and turquoise background

Eight current University of Chicago Physical Science Division faculty were named in Web of Science's 2021 report of highly cited researchers. Researchers on the list have demonstrated significant and broad influence in the past decade, with highly cited papers ranking in the top 1% by citation for a chosen field or fields.

ScaleStuds project receives $5 million to build foundations for massive computation

November 29, 2021

The timber frame of a building under construction, which relates to an article about computer scientists building new software for massive clusters from the studs.

With a $5 million LARGE grant from NSF, computer science professors Haryadi Gunawi, Shan Lu, and Hank Hoffmann will lead a group of researchers to develop a new pipeline of tools, software, and systems that allow software developers to write robust new software for massive clusters, even without direct access to these expensive systems, thus building foundations for correctness checkability and performance predictability at scale.