News: Awards


PSD climate grants foster belonging while socially distanced

April 13, 2021

The Physical Sciences Division funded creative efforts to impact climate and foster belonging with the Inclusive Climate Grants program administered by the EDI Office. Four winning projects found innovative ways to further the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion on campus during the pandemic.

CDAC Discovery Challenge awardees train data science on medicine, clean water, and education

April 13, 2021

The CDAC Discovery Challenge awardees will train data science experts from across the UChicago campus, its national laboratory partners, and government, non-profit, and industry collaborators, to run projects that target transformative impact in medicine, public health, molecular engineering, genomics, and education. 

With CAREER Award, Asst. Prof. Pedro Lopes explores human-computer integration

April 6, 2021

Computer Science Asst. Prof. Pedro Lopes explores what’s possible with technologies that sit on the body: wearable devices that influence a user’s motion and perception. His vision of human-computer integration creates new interactive devices that “borrow” parts of the user’s body for input and output to expand potential and accessibility. With a new NSF CAREER grant, Lopes will embark upon the next phase of that mission, inventing and testing technologies that interface with smell, touch, temperature, and other senses.

2021 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

April 2, 2021

Four Physical Sciences Division students have been awarded 2021 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships: Jazmine Jefferson in astronomy, Antares Chen in computer science, Lauren Weiss in physics, and Melissa Adrian in statistics. Honorable mentions were awarded to Patrick Kelly in chemistry and George Iskander in physics. Each fellowship provides three years of support during a five-year fellowship period. For each of the three years of support, NSF provides a $34,000 stipend and $12,000 cost of education allowance to the University.

Profs. Mark Rivers and Stephen Sutton of GeoSci awarded 2021 APSUO Arthur H. Compton Award

April 1, 2021

Professors Mark Rivers and Stephen Sutton of the Department of the Geophysical Sciences have been awarded the 2021 APSUO Arthur H. Compton Award. The two scientists co-directed the design, construction, and operation of the GeoSoilEnviroCARS (GSECARS) Sector 13 at the Advanced Photon Source, which provides users with high-pressure diffraction and spectroscopy, x-ray microprobe, x-ray absorption spectroscopy, and microtomography research techniques.

Prof. Rebecca Willett, Departments of Computer Science and Statistics, named SIAM Fellow

April 1, 2021

Prof. Rebecca Willett, Departments of Computer Science and Statistics, selected as a SIAM 2021 Fellow. She was recognized for her contributions to mathematical foundations of machine learning, large-scale data science, and computational imaging.

Incoming geophysical sciences postdoctoral researcher selected for the Heising-Simons Foundation 51 Pegasi b Fellowship

March 31, 2021

Incoming postdoctoral researcher in the Department of the Geophysical Sciences, Ellen Price, Harvard'21, has been selected for the Heising-Simons Foundation 51 Pegasi b Fellowship. The fellowship provides $375,000 in support for her research focused on protoplanetary disks—the birthplaces of planets.

PSD in the news - March 2021

March 29, 2021

This month, PSD community members have been featured for their work to confirm the third-nearest star with a planet, prove that bacteria know how to exploit quantum mechanics, and recreate how magnetic fields grow in clusters of galaxies. In case you missed it, review our news headlines from March 2021.

NASA Hubble-Sagan Fellow Jennifer Bergner awarded AAS Laboratory Astrophysics Division 2021 Dissertation Prize

March 18, 2021

Jennifer Bergner, the NASA Hubbell-Sagan Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of the Geophysical Sciences, has been awarded the LAD 2021 Dissertation Prize for the dissertation, “Tracing Organic Complexity During Star and Planet Formation,” which she wrote under Professor Karin Öberg at Harvard University. Bergner is being cited “for the discovery of new, cold pathways to complex molecule formation and for creative, interdisciplinary explorations of the origins of organic molecules during planet formation.” She will give an invited lecture at a meeting of the Laboratory Astrophysics Division.

Assistant Professor Chao Gao receives 2021 IMS Tweedie New Researcher Award

March 16, 2021

Assistant Professor Chao Gao receives 2021 IMS Tweedie New Researcher Award for "groundbreaking contributions to robust statistics, including establishing connections with generative adversarial networks, network analysis, and high-dimensional statistical inference.” 

UChicago physicist William Irvine selected for inaugural Brown Investigator Award

March 8, 2021

The Brown Science Foundation today announced physicists David Hsieh of Caltech and William Irvine of the University of Chicago as recipients of the inaugural Brown Investigator Award. The award, which recognizes curiosity-driven basic research in chemistry and physics, supports the investigators’ research with $2 million over five years to their respective universities. Hsieh and Irvine were nominated by their institutions and chosen from a candidate pool of mid-career scientists at 10 top-rated research universities.

PSD in the news - February 2021

February 24, 2021

This month, PSD community members have been featured for their work discovering new metamaterials to improve optics for telescopes, designing patterns in self-propelling liquid crystals, and meauring ceramic chips in meteorites to study the early solar system, and more. In case you missed it, review our news headlines from February 2021.

Marianna Csörnyei named 2022 AWM-AMS Noether Lecturer

February 19, 2021

Prof. Marianna Csörnyei has been named the Association for Women in Mathematics and the American Mathematical Society 2022 Noether Lecturer. The honor acknowledges Csörnyei’s significant contributions to several areas of mathematical analysis, including geometric measure theory, functional analysis and real analysis.

Chambliss Astronomy Achievement Student Awards recognize UChicago students

February 19, 2021

The Chambliss Astronomy Achievement Student Awards are given to recognize exemplary research by undergraduate and graduate students who present at one of the poster sessions at the meetings of the AAS. Awardees are honored with a Chambliss medal or, in the case of honorable mention, a certificate. Five graduate and undergraduate students from the Astronomy & Astrophysics Department won awards or honorable mentions.

Prof. Josh Frieman awarded American Astronomical Society Fellowship

February 10, 2021

Prof. Josh Frieman has been awarded an American Astronomical Society Fellowship in recognition of his significant theoretical contributions to inflationary cosmology and dark energy theory and his contributions to optical surveys.