The University of Chicago Physical Sciences Division empowers students to answer fundamental questions in the physical and mathematical sciences and improve the world alongside leading University faculty.

Welcome to the Physical Sciences Division at the University of Chicago Video Link:

Current students: Your department and the Dean of Students Office can provide support and answer questions you have about policies and resources. Our regular business hours are 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM. You can reach the Dean of Students Office by emailing or reaching out to any dean listed on the Dean of Students website. College students may contact the College Dean of Students office by emailing

Prospective students: We are excited that you are interested in joining our intellectual community. Students interested in applying to the PSD’s Master’s or PhD programs can learn more about those programs here. Prospective students are encouraged to review admissions information

Discipline Defining

The PSD has a rich history of shaping and defining new fields of discovery. Our faculty, researchers, and alumni have won Nobel Prizes, the National Medal of Science, Fields Medals, and several other accolades.

Dynamic Connections

Our students build connections with world-leading scientists, collaborate across disciplines, and enjoy the dynamic Chicago and University communities. Our programs in the physical sciences include over 1,000 graduate students from over 50 countries.

Diversity of Thought

Our students enjoy an inclusive and creative intellectual environment that promotes diversity of thought. They are empowered to pose and answer questions, explore new frontiers, and make an impact.