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PSD Spotlight: Britni Ratliff

February 21, 2024

Britni Ratliff

Britni Ratliff is the Director of STEM Pedagogy for the Physical Sciences Division, Associate Master for the Physical Sciences Collegiate Division, and Senior Instructional Professor in the Chemistry Department.

"It is a unique privilege to work directly with PSD students as they discover their passions and carve out their academic paths."

Behind the byline

February 14, 2024

Katrina Miller illustration

Physicist Katrina Miller, SM’18, PhD’23, revived her childhood love of writing to forge a career in science journalism.

Alumni Spotlight: Dixin Tang, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at UT Austin

February 9, 2024

Dixin Tang

2020 PhD graduate Dixin Tang has just begun a rewarding career at UT Austin as an assistant professor of computer science. Tang took a look back at his time at UChicago, including the professors that made a lasting impact, his involvement with ChiData, and what has made all the difference in his current role.


Alumni Spotlight: Get to know Emily Wenger, a 2023 CS graduate who was just named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 List

November 29, 2023

Emily Wenger

Emily Wenger, a 2023 PhD graduate from Appleton, Wisconsin, is making a name for herself in a big way. She was just named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for 2024 for her work on Glaze: a tool that allows artists to shield their work from AI mimicry.

If you can’t stand the heat …

November 8, 2023

illustration of Sandra Greer

A new book by Chemistry alumna Sandra Greer, SM’68, PhD’69, brings hard science to the kitchen.

CS Alumni Spotlight: Andrew McNutt

November 3, 2023

Andrew McNutt

CS alumnus Andrew McNutt talks visualization career, lessons from UChicago, and the road from PhD to tenure track at University of Utah.