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Scott Snyder receives ’23–’24 Marian and Stuart Rice Research Award

February 23, 2024

Scott Snyder

Chemistry Professor Scott A. Snyder has received the ’23–’24 Marian and Stuart Rice Research Award, a Divisional honor that provides $100,000 for intellectually exciting and innovative research ventures that enable new research directions.

PSD Spotlight: Britni Ratliff

February 21, 2024

Britni Ratliff

Britni Ratliff is the Director of STEM Pedagogy for the Physical Sciences Division, Associate Master for the Physical Sciences Collegiate Division, and Senior Instructional Professor in the Chemistry Department.

"It is a unique privilege to work directly with PSD students as they discover their passions and carve out their academic paths."

Inside the hunt for new physics at the world’s largest particle collider

February 20, 2024

Karri DiPetrillo

In an MIT Technology Review article, Asst. Prof. Karri DiPetrillo discusses the concept of supersymmetry, saying, “I think SUSY is wonderful—the only thing that’s not wonderful is that we haven’t found it." Article also mentions the potential for a muon collider at Fermilab.

Five UChicago scholars awarded prestigious Sloan Fellowships in 2024

February 20, 2024

Yuehaw Khoo (eft) and Sunyoung Park

Five UChicago scholars have earned prestigious Sloan Research Fellowships, recognizing early-career scholars’ potential to make substantial contributions to their fields. The 2024 Sloan fellows include Yuehaw Khoo (Statistics, left) and Sunyoung Park (Geophysical Sciences).

Giant Magellan Telescope expands global science impact with Taiwanese partner

February 20, 2024

Giant Magellan Telescope illustration

Through ASIAA, Taiwan joins Australia, Brazil, Chile, Israel, South Korea, and the United States in building one of the world’s largest and most powerful telescopes.

Deepfake porn is a huge problem — here are some of the tools that could help stop it

February 19, 2024

Create AI Girls graphic

Business Insider article mentions Prof. Ben Zhao's "Nightshade."

Solar geoengineering looks to Silicon Valley for new wave of funding

February 19, 2024

Portrait of David Keith against a brick wall

Scientific American article mentions that UChicago is one of several global universities that have begun actively researching solar geoengineering.

New ‘Magic’ Gmail security uses AI and is here now, Google says

February 19, 2024

Google logo over binary code

Forbes article mentions that UChicago is among the universities set to receive $2 million in research grants from Google to help advance breakthroughs in AI-powered security including code verification enhancement and the development of large language models that can be more resilient to threats.

Scientists report first look at electrons moving in real-time in liquid water

February 19, 2024

Linda Young in black on purple background

In a article, Prof. Linda Young discusses a new experiment that isolates the energetic movement of an electron while "freezing" the motion of the much larger atom it orbits in a sample of liquid water.

First-ever atomic freeze-frame of liquid water

February 15, 2024

Close up of water spray

Scientists report the first look at electrons moving in real-time in liquid water; findings open up a whole new field of experimental physics.

Fermilab guest composer sets out to interpret particle physics through music

February 15, 2024

Photo of Abigail Vieregg outdoors

CBS News article details Fermilab's 2024 guest composer program and features comments from Prof. Abigail Vieregg on the ongoing Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment.

Initial results from South Pole Telescope SPT-3G camera hint at future insights about our universe

February 14, 2024

South Pole Telescope

New data on the cosmic microwave background released from upgrade with 10 times more detectors.

Behind the byline

February 14, 2024

Katrina Miller illustration

Physicist Katrina Miller, SM’18, PhD’23, revived her childhood love of writing to forge a career in science journalism.


February 14, 2024

Ruth Duckworth, Earth, Water, Sky, 1968–69, Ceramic mural, 400 square feet, covering four walls and the ceiling, Located in the entrance to the Henry Hinds Laboratory for Geophysical Sciences

In Henry Hinds Laboratory and now the Regenstein Library, Ruth Duckworth’s murals make an art of geophysical science.

University of Chicago professor talks human-centered AI, improved decision making at Technology and Social Behavior Colloquium

February 14, 2024

In his talk at the Technology and Social Behavior Ph.D. program’s winter colloquium, UChicago Prof. Chenhao Tan drew connections between human decision making and AI’s predictive process.

Daily Northwestern article highlights a talk on improving decision-making in AI given by Asst. Prof. Chenhao Tan.