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March 31, 2020

My name is Maureen McMahon, your PSD Communications Specialist. After 15 years of working at home as an editor, writer, publicist, and parent, I’ve learned a lot about the importance of intentional space. This series is meant to share simple strategies honed from the holistic living emphasis of my journalism, and are suggestions to help you navigate working from home and heightening your awareness. 

Home these days for all of us is filled with competing needs, so every suggestion is of course hypothetical. All ideas are mine, stemming from my knowledge of holistic living and daily practices, and not the PSD’s. May you find a new way of working you carry with you. Thanks, Maureen

Intentional Space: cultivating a peaceful work day

Intentional Space: cultivating a peaceful day

Now that many of us have transitioned to working from home, how can we find a peaceful routine given these unprecedented circumstances?

Make a schedule. When are times for routine and connection to people, places, and ideas? When is a time for focused work? Is quality mealtime, exercise, and other selfcare built in? Knowing you are doing your part to support your immune system can be empowering. Make time for meal prep and plan for outdoor time. Being flexible when the schedule changes will also help your positivity. Be open and kind when you discuss schedules with the people you live with, meet with, and depend on to help you find time to take care of your needs.  

Value sleep. Set an alarm if it helps you feel more productive. Commit to going to bed so you will feel rested. Resist checking the news right before you fall asleep. Give your mind some space to calm down. Read, take a bath, have some herbal tea, rub your feet/neck/shoulders, journal, remembrances. These are all good before bed.

Value socializing and acknowledge where it used to happen and where you can fill in. Is conversation happening at work? If you are a social person who usually connects in person at work, reach out during a break in your work day. If you have a person close to you who needs more check-ins, be available and reach out. Texting and brief calls can fit into a peaceful workday.

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