Could tiny devices made out of DNA treat cancer?

March 3, 2022

Pencil illustration of gears and DNA strands

A team of University of Chicago chemists and biologists including Prof. Yamuna Krishnan developed a tiny device made out of DNA intended to locate tumor cells and force them to reveal themselves to patrolling immune cells.

Scratching the surface: Regional research groups explore winter conditions of Green Bay, Great Lakes

March 1, 2022

Researchers lugging equipment on frozen Green Bay

Students and researchers in the Department of the Geophysical Sciences participated in the recently launched “Winter Grab,” a first of its kind, week-long collection event for regional researchers studying Great Lakes’ winter conditions.

CS Prof. Diana Franklin featured speaker for quantum workforce national plan

February 28, 2022

Headshot Diana Franklin

Following the release of the national plan for developing a quantum workforce, educators and leaders in quantum information science came together to discuss the future of quantum education in the US. Computer science professor Diana Franklin was a featured speaker.

Local nuclear reactor helps UChicago scientists catch and study neutrinos

February 28, 2022

Mark Lewis

A nuclear reactor at an Illinois energy plant is helping University of Chicago scientists learn how to catch and understand the tiny, elusive particles known as neutrinos. Prof. Juan Collar said, “This is the closest that neutrino physicists have been able to get to a commercial reactor core.”

How an alum’s invention helped propel the U.S. space race

February 28, 2022

Reatha Clark King

Chemist Reatha Clark King, SM’60, PhD’63, invented a coiled tube that allowed fuel to cool instead of exploding, a crucial advance in the space race. She is also the lead author of a 1967 paper on oxygen difluoride—considered as a key component of rocket fuel and has since become a standard ingredient. Following her years in the laboratory, she was a college president, led the General Mills Foundation, and is an emeritus trustee of UChicago.

In the News – February 2022

February 24, 2022

PSD against a white and turquoise background

This month PSD researchers have been featured for their efforts to read out a qubit on demand and set a record for preserving quantum states for more than five seconds, to revolutionize the field of 2D materials with a technique to cut and stack fragile sheets of nanomaterials, and to demonstrate ultracold atoms can segregate into separate domain states.

The next big quantum leap may require better software

February 24, 2022

Illustration of quantum infrastructure for computing

Seymour Goodman Professor of Computer Science Fred Chong comments on a new programming language called Twist that can help scientists discover which qubits in their machines become entangled when working on a problem, and then take specific actions, like only accepting data from an unentangled qubit.

Remembering Moddie Taylor, a Black scientist who worked on the Manhattan Project

February 23, 2022

Moddie D. Taylor

More than a dozen Black scientists made key contributions to the Manhattan Project but their stories have often been overlooked. One of them was Moddie Taylor, SM’39, PhD’43, who worked in the Metallurgical Laboratory—the arm of the Manhattan Project based at UChicago—and went on to lead Howard University chemistry.

If we ever travel to another star, we’re going here

February 22, 2022

NASA photo of the sun emanating light rays in four directions

Exoplanet researcher and astronomy and astrophysics student, Emily Gilbert, comments on the identification of Proxima d, another planet around Proxima Centauri, the sun’s closest neighbor.

Geophysical scientists invited onto NASA’s Curiosity rover mission as participating scientists, will choose targets for three year period

February 21, 2022

NASA has selected University of Chicago associate professor of geophysical sciences, Edwin Kite, to join the Mars Curiosity rover mission as a participating scientist. Kite, along with fourth-year Ph.D. student Sasha Warren, hopes to expand the rover science team’s understanding of climate history on Mars.

Meet mathematics student, Colin Aitken

February 18, 2022

Colin Aitken

Colin Aitken was born and brought up in San Jose, California. Before coming to the University of Chicago, he was at MIT where he studied math and performed in the Shakespeare Ensemble. He has been a graduate student at UChicago for five years in the Department of Mathematics, though he sometimes hangs out in the Department of Economics. His field of study is algebraic topology.

Do you know who that worker you just hired really is?

February 17, 2022

An illustration of a tech savvy man with a cloud covering his face to suggest trends in hiring fraud

Neubauer Professor of Computer Science Ben Zhao comments on misrepresentation and fraud in modern hiring.

Sloan Fellow Pedro Lopes interviewed from HCI Lab

February 17, 2022

Film still of computer scientist Pedro Lopes being interviewed by two anchors on FOX32 news

Newly announced Sloan Fellow Asst. Prof. Pedro Lopes, Department of Computer Science, was interviewed about his human computer integration research by FOX32 Chicago.

Beagle supercomputer gets a GPU-based upgrade thanks to $2M NIH grant

February 16, 2022

Close up of Beagle computing cluster at UChicago

Amgen Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Benoit Roux is leading the effort to build a supercomputing cluster to explore structure and dynamics of biological systems.

Three PSD faculty selected for Sloan Research Fellowships

February 15, 2022

Pedro Lopes, Chao Gao, and Mark Levin

Three Physical Sciences Division early-career scholars have been selected for Sloan Research Fellowships: Asst. Prof. Pedro Lopes in the Department of Computer Science, Asst. Prof. Chao Gao in the Department of Statistics, and Asst. Prof. Mark Levin in the Department of Chemistry.