The Course: A podcast of career stories as told by UChicago professors

July 7, 2023

100 Episodes of The Course podcast

How did professors find their passion in the academic field? What were they like as kids? What does it take to become a professor at The University of Chicago?

Created by The University of Chicago Yuen Campus in Hong Kong, The Course podcast is a compilation of personal conversations with UChicago professors. Each episode features one professor, where they talk about who they are outside lecture halls, what led them to become a professor, and all the ups and downs along the way.

Since its start in May 2022, The Course has 100 episodes, including PSD professors describing their work, their inspirations, and the path that led them to UChicago.

Episode 13: Physicist Yau W. Wah: "Research in physics is a very personal journey."

Episode 23: Statistician Yuehaw Khoo: "My religious path has vividly led me on this path."

Episode 32: Astrophysicist Daniel Holz: "How does the universe make black holes?"

Episode 45: Geophysical scientist Tiffany Shaw: "The applicability of physics can go beyond just one instance."

Episode 51: Geophysical scientist Sunyoung Park: "Earthquakes happen all the time."

Episode 61: Astrophysicist Joshua A. Frieman: "What is the nature of dark energy?"

Episode 62: Statistician Alisa Knizel: "Math is a form of art."

Episode 64: Computer scientist Diana Franklin: "I just always loved teaching."

Episode 71: Astrophysicist Chihway Chang: "I will never be a professor."

Episode 73: Physicist David Schmitz: "The neutrino is very special."

Episode 75: Computational linguist Allyson Ettinger: "Humans really are the gold standard."

Episode 76: Chemist Ka Yee C. Lee: "See beyond the immediate roadblock."

Episode 78: Computer scientist Heather Zheng: "Keep working on the stuff you believe in."

Episode 89: Chemist Chuan He: “I will be a professor for my lifetime."

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