Royal Society of Chemistry Recognizes Prof. Voth for Excellence in Computational Chemistry

May 6, 2019

The Royal Society of Chemistry's (RSC) Faraday Division has awarded Gregory Voth, the Haig P. Papazian Distinguished Service Professor of Chemistry, the 2019 S F Boys - A Rahman Award. The award recognizes research in the areas of computational chemistry, including quantum chemistry and molecular simulations.

Voth received the award for the "development and application of powerful multiscale theoretical and computational methods in the study of liquids, materials, biomolecules, and quantum mechanical systems," the RSC said in its announcement. Through his use of computer simulation and modeling of complex molecular processes, Voth aims to understand key phenomena in chemistry, biology, and materials science. His work has applications in the development of new technologies such as pharmaceuticals and energy conversion materials.

"We are honored that Gregory Voth has received this prestigious international award," said Angela Olinto, Dean of the Physical Sciences Division. "It is a testament to his pioneering work in computational chemistry."

Recipients will receive a monetary award and be invited to deliver lectures across the UK and Ireland.

Read the full announcement from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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