PSD Spotlight: Arnab Bose

October 19, 2022

Arnab Bose
Arnab Bose

Arnab Bose, PhD, is a clinical associate professor and the online program director of the Master’s of Science in Applied Data Science program at the University of Chicago in Illinois. Here he talks about his experiences at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), reflects on his academic and industry successes, and visions of the UChicago Applied Data Science graduate program.

Where were you born and raised?

Born and raised in India.

Where do you live now?

I live in Naperville, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

How was your undergraduate experience at IIT?

I had a great experience at IIT where the environment is built around strong academics with world-class research and teaching facilities.

Living in dormitories is fun — it fosters life-long camaraderie among the students. Outside of academics, there are a lot of student activities, such as sports, fine arts/cultural, and inter-collegiate festivals where other universities participate.

In the final year of undergraduate, students gear up for the next chapter after IIT. Some join the industry by on campus recruiting at well-known companies while others prepare for higher education, either in India or international.

At the end of the four years, though friends go their different ways, the IIT bond forever remains strong. We have a strong alumni network with chapters in different countries and cities, and whenever you meet a fellow IITian, you can immediately relate with your fond undergraduate memories.

What was your design and hope in attaining an American graduate education?

I wanted to continue with my studies and get a PhD in the U.S. My goal was to get a strong foundational training and then evaluate my options in either academia or industry.

What are some of the highlights of your academic training?

My academic training focused on strong fundamentals and concepts along with time management and prioritization. With those in place, I have had the confidence to keep abreast of new technologies and innovation.

What are some highlights of your professional training?

I enjoy applying academic concepts to practical solutions that impact industry. My professional training has also taught me to recognize when a project has no strategic value. Reinventing oneself is key to scale and growth. I like to focus on collaboration and grow teams by valuing team members and their professional aspirations.

How would you describe the mission of Abzooba? In your role as Chief Scientific Officer for Abzooba, what are the main opportunities every day?

Abzooba’s mission is to enable digital transformation in enterprises through widespread adoption of automation driven by Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. As Chief Scientific Officer, I oversee all project execution and evaluate opportunities to push new technological frontiers based on developments in academia and demand in the industry.

You are also the online program director for the UChicago MS in Applied Data Science program. How would you describe the program to prospective students?

The online MS in Applied Data Science program is a world-class online degree program with the same design, content, and instructors as our in-person program. The online program is geared for working professionals and students who want flexibility to balance the high-quality data science education at University of Chicago with work and/or other commitments.

What are the program’s strengths?

The in-person Applied Data Science program is one of top programs in the world that has witnessed tremendous growth since inception in 2014 due to the quality of the student education. The online program provides the same experience in an online modality.

What brought you to the program?

I have always wanted to teach alongside an industry role. This program provided such an opportunity that I was fortunate enough to build upon. I have had the privilege to be with the program since inception.

What do you teach?

I teach a foundation course, “Advanced Linear Algebra for Machine Learning;” core courses “Machine Learning and Predictive Analysis” and “Time Series Analysis and Forecasting” along with Capstone 1 and Capstone 2, and two electives, “Machine Learning Operations” and “Data Science in Healthcare.”

What are the opportunities for the online director role?

The online director has the opportunity to grow and expand the online program in North America as well as to new geographies in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. As the program grows in numbers, the online director must incorporate best pedagogical practices in online teaching such that the student experience continually improves.

As online director, what do enjoy most?

I enjoy navigating the different possibilities for the online program to grow into. There is great support from the Physical Sciences Division and the Data Science Institute that we are part of to scale the online program into a unique student experience across the globe.

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