PSD in the News - August 2022

September 6, 2022

Prof. Amie Wilkinson comments, Could learning algebra in my 60s make me smarter?

Prof. Nakamura comments, The U.S. could see a new 'extreme heat belt' by 2053

Watch Wendy Freedman, John Mather, and Janna Levin discuss JWST at Pioneer Works

Report of an ancient methane release raises questions for our climate future


A new shortcut for quantum simulations could unlock new doors for technology

The Mandela Effect—and your false memories—are real, scientists confirm in a new study

Meteorite provides record of asteroids ‘spitting out’ pebbles

This UChicago professor helped capture the first image of the black hole at the center of the Milky Way

To map the human brain, researchers first look to the octopus

Black hole collisions could help us measure how fast the universe is expanding

Scientists prepare to send a balloon to search for ‘messengers from outer space’

Scientists announce first detection of carbon dioxide on a faraway planet with James Webb Space Telescope

Education and Community

NSF awards $20 million to universities for advanced data science

$205 million investment accelerates construction of the Giant Magellan Telescope

The future remembers its past: Largest gift of art to PSD features career retrospective of Hyde Park painter

NPR’s Short Wave interviews Sadie Witowski: Making audio magic with math

Building the quantum workforce of tomorrow

Meet Dieter Gruen, renowned scientist and innovator

Salty sea spray keeps lightning strikes away

Here’s why Earth just had its shortest day on record

Fellowship helps College student launch career in aerospace industry

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