Physical Sciences Division response to the death of George Floyd

May 30, 2020

Dear PSD Community,

The recent tragic events in Minnesota surrounding the death of George Floyd have ignited feelings of grief, anger, and fear across the nation and particularly within the African American community. Topics of race, equality, and equity have dominated headlines and are top of mind for many.  This tragedy and its historic roots compound the heavy burden of living in isolation and fear from the pandemic, with serious impact on our community’s mental and physical wellness.

I want to take the time to deliberately state PSD's categorical rejection of discrimination and racism of any form. We remain steadfast in our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion. Our Division aims to foster an inclusive and creative intellectual environment that promotes diversity of thought and create a culture of respect, inclusion and wellness. Those words ring ever so true today.

We believe a safe space to come together and discuss our current realities and their effects is helpful when navigating a climate fraught with indignation, concern, and alarm. We invite you to join our EDI Director Neli Fanning in a virtual meeting to share your feelings around recent events and to connect with and support one another. We understand the harm that apathy can cause and are unwavering in our support of those who are most affected.


Angela V. Olinto

Dean of the Division of the Physical Sciences