Nine PSD members named Highly Cited Researchers

November 15, 2022

Nine University of Chicago Physical Science Division (PSD) physical and mathematical scientists were named in Web of Science's 2022 report of highly cited researchers. According to Web of Science, researchers on the list have demonstrated significant and broad influence in the past decade, with highly cited papers ranking in the top 1% by citation for a chosen field or fields.

The 2022 list of 6,938 total researchers includes the following current members of the PSD.

Highly Cited Researcher Field
David D. Awschalom Physics
Qing Dai Molecular Biology and Genetics
Chuan He Molecular Biology and Genetics, Biology and Biochemistry
Daniel E. Holz Space Science
Wenbin Lin Chemistry
Tao Pan Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Jiwoong Park Cross-Field
Matthew Stephens Cross-Field
Chengqi Yi Cross-Field

Web of Science emphasizes that there is no one quantitative measure that constitutes extraordinary research performance. To understand both the list's meaning and limitations, see the methodology.

Editor's note: Chengqi Yi is listed by Web of Science with UChicago though is currently a PI at Peking University.

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