Computer scientist Ben Zhao discusses AI regulations and protections

July 27, 2023

The White House Struck a Deal With A.I. Companies to Manage the Technology’s Risks. Artists Say It ‘Does Nothing’ to Protect Them

artnet News - July 26, 2023

Computer scientist Ben Zhao says that the Biden Administration "has good intentions" in its efforts to regulate AI, but is "oblivious to the real risks" happening, such as the misappropriation of content without consent, compensation, or credit, adding that "without the voices of artists and other creatives, there cannot be a well-informed or comprehensive understanding of what is at stake."

As Actors Strike for AI Protections, Netflix Lists $900,000 AI Job

The Intercept - July 26, 2023

Zhao comments on job postings from Realeyes, saying that “it’s almost a guarantee that the use of this ‘research,’ when it gets commercialized, will be to build digital actors that replace humans...the ‘research’ side of this is largely a red herring...industry research goes into commercial products.”

This new tool could protect your pictures from AI manipulation

MIT Technology Review - July 27, 2023

Article about a new tool to prevent AI manipulation of photos quotes Prof. Ben Zhao as saying the work is “a good combination of a tangible need for something with what can be done right now."

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