Vacation Time Guidance

Vacation Time Guidance for Faculty 

During the Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters, Graduate Student Employees (GSEs) who are performing research or teaching services for the University are generally expected to schedule their vacation or personal time off during academic breaks (i.e., Winter and Spring Break), as outlined in the University’s Academic Calendar.  Students may also be able to take personal time over Summer quarter as approved by their supervisor at least two weeks in advance of the requested time off, or as soon as possible if two weeks’ notice is impractical under the circumstances.  

In general over the course of a calendar year, GSEs are expected to take a reasonable amount of vacation and personal time off, with the majority of time off expected to be taken during Winter and Spring Break.  Students holding a research position may opt to take the majority of their time off in the summer instead of over Winter Recess and Spring Break, with the approval of their supervisor.

Vacation and personal time while a student is holding a teaching position for the University is ordinarily not permitted, and if required for an exceptional reason for a brief period should be requested of a supervisor well in advance and alternate arrangements for teaching obligations to be met should be agreed upon.  Remote work while a student is holding a teaching or research position for the University is not permitted.