Students in full-time registration status are expected to focus their attention and efforts principally on their academic work. The University will not employ full-time students for more than 20 hours per week during quarters of full-time registration.

Academic Technology Solutions

Academic Technology Solutions works closely with faculty to facilitate the use of technology in teaching, research, and scholarship. Through close partnerships with the UChicago Library, the Chicago Center for Teaching, and all other academic units across campus, ATS helps faculty explore new ways of approaching academic endeavors using online tools, digital materials, and other technology solutions.

Chicago Center for Teaching (CCT)

Many Physical Sciences Division graduate students will have teaching responsibilities at some point during their graduate studies. Although your department or program will be an excellent resource, you may also want to explore resources offered by the Chicago Center for Teaching.

Faculty Access

Faculty Access provides online course management tools, including rosters, fast messaging, consent request management, grade entry, and more.