Bx/MS Joint Degree Programs (PSD)

Overview of Programs

Current University of Chicago undergraduates interested in joint degree programs in the Physical Sciences Division should review the relevant information provided in the College Catalog.

Current joint degree offerings: 

Tuition and Registration Information 

Students who are admitted to a four-year joint Bx/MS program in the Physical Sciences Division will be charged tuition at the graduate rate during their fourth year of undergraduate study. For 2022-2023, the quarterly tuition for graduate students is: $18,842.

This flat tuition fee of $18,842 will be assessed each quarter of enrollment beginning in Autumn Quarter of the student’s fourth year of undergraduate study if they are enrolled in any of the following programs:

Students who are admitted to the Financial Mathematics joint program (4 or 5 year options available) will be charged tuition at the flat graduate rate in their fourth year beginning in the quarter that they matriculate into the joint program. This may be Autumn, Winter, or Spring quarter of fourth year, depending on the timing of their admission to the program and College requirements. The flat tuition fee of $18,842 will be assessed each quarter of enrollment in the joint program during the fourth year, and during the fifth year (for those pursuing the 5 year joint degree), PSD tuition will be assessed at the Financial Mathematics tuition rate. For more information on this program, please see the page in the College Catalog:

Students with questions about how scholarships, student loans, or other forms of aid will be applied should reach out to College Aid. Their contact information is below.

Consistent with the College’s policies regarding enrollment, students must be enrolled in a minimum of 300 units per quarter during their fourth year to maintain full-time status as a student. Students in joint Bx/MS programs are not permitted to be enrolled in fewer than 300 units.

Students are expected to finish both the Bx and MS portions of their joint-degree program by the end of their fourth year (unless they are pursuing the Financial Mathematics five-year joint-degree option), and the degrees are conferred simultaneously.

Tuition rates and full-time registration requirements in a quarter of enrollment will apply to any Physical Sciences Bx/MS program added in the future. Tuition rates will be updated annually consistent with the billing rates published on the Bursar’s website.

Contact Information for Bx/MS Students

Financial Aid Questions:

Financial Aid

Walker 309

1115 East 58th Street

Chicago, IL 60637

Phone: 773.702.8666

Email: college-aid@uchicago.edu

Degree Completion Questions (Bx portion of program):

Student’s individual academic adviser

Degree Completion Questions (MS portion of program):

MS Program Contact

Other general questions about joint degree programs

Sierra Sterling, Assistant Dean of Students, Physical Sciences Division (ssterlin@uchicago.edu)