Quarterly Checklist for PSD Graduate Students

Quarterly Checklist for Graduate Students in the Physical Sciences Division 

PSD graduate students should review this checklist near the beginning of each quarter to ensure they have completed necessary tasks and updates. If you have any questions or concerns about anything listed here, please reach out to your department or program administrator or the Dean of Students Office


Graduate students register for the upcoming quarter during eighth week each quarter.

  • PhD students have a continuous registration requirement and should plan to register for 300 units during eighth week for the upcoming quarter.
  • MS students should also plan to register for courses during eighth week for the upcoming quarter.

Please note: Students who register on the first day of the quarter will be assessed a $100 late registration fee per University policy. You can avoid this fee by registering during eighth week.

Add/drop: The add/drop period refers to the first three weeks of a quarter. This is the timeframe in which students can adjust their registrations. MS students can drop courses through the end of the first week of the quarter without penalty.

A registration reference guide is available to assist you with registering for classes.

Review addresses and emergency contact information 


As of Spring Quarter 2021, you will be able to check your stipends, on-campus job wages, prizes, awards, and reimbursements all in your Workday portal.

Each quarter, make sure your information is up-to-date:


The University requires all students to have updated physical addresses and emergency contact information in their my.uchicago.edu portals.

Each quarter, make sure your information is up-to-date:

Review direct deposit information

If you are receiving any non-tuition funding, including on-campus job wages, prizes, awards, or reimbursements, the fastest way to receive funding is via direct deposit.

Each quarter, make sure your direct deposit information in Workday is up-to-date.


If you will be graduating at the end of a quarter, you must submit an application to graduate by Friday of first week of the quarter. You can apply to graduate in a few minutes through your my.uchicago.edu account. 

Note: A fee of $65 will be charged for each degree application that is cancelled after the end of the fifth week of the quarter in which it is filed.

Review billing dates

The Office of the Bursar’s website posts bill publication and due dates.

Please note that the PSD MS programs generally follow the PhD billing due date.

Review quarterly payment dates

PhD students: please review the Division's payment schedule overview.

Waive Student Services Fee (if applicable)

Students residing more than 50 miles from campus who will not be on campus during the quarter are eligible to request a waiver of the Student Services Fee.

This is a quarterly process, so students must newly request a waiver each quarter they will reside more than 50 miles from campus. The waiver request period opens 10th week of the quarter for the upcoming quarter and remains open through the end of third week of the upcoming quarter.

To request a waiver:

  1. Log into my.uchicago.edu
  2. Hover over/click “Finances”
  3. Select “Account”
  4. Select “Student Service Fee Waiver”
  5. Complete the form and submit

Review insurance information (at least annually in Autumn Quarter)

Ordinarily, MS students must either enroll in the University Student Health Insurance Program (U-SHIP) or provide the University with proof of comparable coverage.

Enrollment typically occurs in Autumn Quarter, and all MS students must take action to either enroll in U-SHIP or waive coverage by providing proof of comparable coverage. Students who take no action in Autumn Quarter will be automatically enrolled in U-SHIP and are responsible for the cost of premiums.

Note: Beginning September 1, 2021, the University will be providing U-SHIP coverage to all enrolled PhD students. All enrolled PhD students will receive their individual U-SHIP premium coverage at no cost to them.

Check your transcript 

Students are encouraged to check their transcripts on a quarterly basis to ensure accuracy and that there is no missing information. If you have questions about anything on your transcript, please contact your department or program administrator.

Students can access and view an unofficial transcript through their my.uchicago.edu accounts.