Student Disability Services (SDS) Accommodation Process

Accommodations Process

We encourage students who self-identify as an individual with a disability to reach out to Student Disability Services about the registration process.

Graduate students will receive an Accommodation Determination Letter that states the approved accommodations. Copies are shared with the Office of the Dean of Students in the Physical Sciences Division. Sarah Lippert, Assistant Dean of Students, will assist with the implementation of accommodations.

Quarterly Process

Near the beginning of each quarter, the Office of the Dean of Students reaches out individually to any active student with an Accommodation Determination Letter to ask: (1) if the student plans to use accommodations that quarter and (2) whether the student would like any assistance in implementing accommodations.

Students should discuss their accommodations with instructors directly by contacting their instructors and providing a copy of the Accommodation Determination Letter. The Dean of Students Office can assist by helping to coordinate arrangements needed for accommodations (e.g. reserving a space to take an exam in a reduced-distraction testing environment, hiring notetakers for students who have an accommodation for notetakers).

Student Responsibilities

Students who anticipate needing to use accommodations should reach out to their instructors and/or the Dean of Students Office as soon as possible to discuss implementation. In particular, students are encouraged to review their syllabi early in the quarter to determine their exam schedule in case arrangements need to be made to appropriately implement accommodations. Generally speaking, students should reach out at least 7-10 days prior to needing the accommodation implemented. Advance notice allows instructors and staff time to make arrangements with the student. 


If you are a graduate student in the Physical Sciences Division and have questions or concerns related to disability accommodations, please reach out to Sarah Lippert, Assistant Dean of Students.

The Office of Student Disability Services can also help with questions or concerns you may have. SDS can be contacted by emailing