PhD Student Graduation Quarter No Registration Option

No Registration Required in Quarter of Graduation Status

Doctoral candidates who defend and submit their approved dissertation by Friday of the first week of a quarter and apply to graduate in that quarter are not required to register as students in that quarter. At the request of the department/program, students meeting these requirements may hold the status of “no registration required in quarter of graduation.” Students in the “no registration” status:

  • Do not register for classes
  • Are ineligible for insurance (U-SHIP)*
  • Are not assessed the Student Services Fee
  • Do not receive funding from the University of Chicago

* The “no registration status” is U-SHIP ineligible. Students who had U-SHIP coverage for the previous six months, which includes PhD students, are eligible to apply for continuation coverage.

International students considering this status must discuss their plans with the Office of International Affairs because their F-1 or J-1 record must be updated to reflect their earlier completion date. More information about finishing degree programs early is available on OIA’s website. International students should contact the PSD OIA adviser