PSD Dean’s Student Advisory Committee (DSAC)

The PSD Dean's Student Advisory Committee (DSAC) is comprised of one graduate student representative from each program in the PSD,  faculty Deputy Deans, and the Dean of Students. Committee meetings give PSD students an advisory voice in the Division's administration and an opportunity to comment on how institutional policies and plans affect student life. Likewise, they provide the deans with an opportunity to explain institutional policies to the students and to learn first-hand about student concerns. Contact your program's representatives with any issues you think should be brought to DSAC. Representatives are invited by their departments at the beginning of the academic year. 

2020-21 PSD Dean's Student Advisory Committee

Department or Program Name(s)
Astronomy & Astrophysics Nora Bailey
Biophysical Sciences Megan Borregard
Chemistry Sarah Willson and Adam Antoszewski
Computational and Applied Math (CAM) Justin Finkel
Computer Science Kartik Singhal and Emily Willson
Financial Mathematics Simon Andreichuk and Sam Berglin and Ammar Rashied
Geophysical Sciences Sasha Warren
Master's Program in Computational and Applied Mathematics (MCAM) Ruben Abbou
Master's Program in Computer Science (MPCS) Kimbell Bui and Quinn Li
Master's Program in PSD (MSPSD) Jane Kelleher
Mathematics Isabella Scott and Rosemary Elliott Smith
Physics Chunyang Ding and Yuhan Liu
Statistics Omar Ghattas

PSD Graduate Council Representatives 2020-21

Yanan Long
Rhys Povey
Sasha Warren
Elizabeth White