PSD Dean’s Student Advisory Committee (DSAC)

The PSD Dean's Student Advisory Committee (DSAC) is comprised of graduate student representatives from each program in the PSD and the Dean of Students office. Committee meetings give PSD students an advisory voice in the Division's administration and an opportunity to comment on how institutional policies and plans affect student life. Likewise, they provide the Dean of Students with an opportunity to explain institutional policies to the students and to learn first-hand about student concerns. Contact your program's representatives with any issues you think should be brought to DSAC. Representatives are invited by their departments at the beginning of the academic year. 

2022-23 PSD Dean's Student Advisory Committee

Department or Program Name(s)
Applied Data Science Jack Murray
Astronomy & Astrophysics Andy Heinrich
Biophysical Sciences Kash Baboolall
Chemistry Spencer Guo and Da Teng
Computational and Applied Math (CAM) Mark Olson
Computer Science Pouya Mahdi Gholami and Jake Chanenson
Financial Mathematics Aman Krishna and Yazmin Ramirez Delgado
Geophysical Sciences Camilla Liu
Master's Program in Computational and Applied Mathematics (MCAM) Roland Hong
Master's Program in Computer Science (MPCS) Surya Chandra Kalia and Michael Lukowski
Mathematics Micah Gay and Chloe Postel-Vinay
Physics Peter Fields and Amanda Farah
Statistics (MS) Kevin Wang
Statistics  Annie Xie