Eckhardt Scholars

The Eckhardt Graduate Scholars Program is the premier fellowship program in the Physical Sciences Division (PSD) at the University of Chicago. The program is intended to support exceptional doctoral students in the physical and mathematical sciences in launching their careers by creating an interdisciplinary community in which Scholars learn about research frontiers from scientific leaders and their peers. Important new scientific questions and approaches often emerge from the intersections between traditional fields. The program aims to provide Scholars with the collaborative environment that will help them formulate the research areas of the future. 


Eckhardt Scholars participate in quarterly professional development workshops focused on skills that are required for scientific leadership, including scientific communication and mentorship. Additionally, Eckhardt Scholars are invited to quarterly research talks with faculty from across the Division. Scholars are selected by their departments.

About William Eckhardt

The Eckhardt Graduate Scholarship program exists thanks to the generosity of University of Chicago alumnus William Eckhardt (SM ’70). Eckhardt, the chairman and CEO of Eckhardt Trading Company, holds a master's degree in mathematics from the University. He drew on his background in the history of scientific methods and mathematical statistics to develop his trading program. Eckhardt has a deep interest in science, including the study of quantum mechanics, evolutionary biology, and the philosophy of time.