Peer Mentorship Program

The PSD Peer Mentorship Program (PMP) is an exciting experience for all PSD students from diverse backgrounds, designed to enhance and support academic, social, and community development.

The PMP has three goals:

  • To empower participants to take an intentional and strategic approach to their graduate education;
  • To educate students about how to access the myriad resources available to them at UChicago;
  • To develop a sense of community by connecting graduate students across disciplinary boundaries.  

Program Description:

Participating students are encouraged to commit to the PMP for the entire academic year (roughly from the end of September until June), for a total time commitment of 3-5 hours/quarter. Mentors will meet with their mentees once/month in the Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters, and all PMP participants are welcome to attend a quarterly PMP social.

Training for Mentors will be provided prior to the start of the Autumn quarter, with knowledge- and skill-building workshops provided quarterly. Potential topics include:

  • Building your academic and non-academic community at UChicago
  • Preparing for academic and non-academic career pathways
  • Developing positive practices for physical, emotional, and psychological self-care
  • Developing skills for time and task management to promote balance and success

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Please contact the Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Aleksandra Ninova-Parris, at with any questions regarding the PSD Peer Mentorship Program.