EDI Student Committee

The PSD EDI Student Committee is composed of student representatives across six departments.


To elevate and amplify student voices across the PSD units, build community, and instill a sense of belonging in all students and other PSD constituents.


To create long-lasting and sustainable EDI student-focused programs for the PSD that will exist and operate beyond the tenure of appointed committee members.


The goals of the student committee are to increase retention and create a climate of inclusion for graduate students.

Jean Salac

Jean Salac

Computer Science Student

My research focus/interest is computer science education and human-centered computing. I hope that the EDI student committee can play a pivotal role and provide insightful feedback to ensure that PSD EDI initiatives go beyond performative allyship and achieve sustainable, systemic improvements.

Maria Hernandez Limon

María Hernández Limón

Geophysical Sciences Student

My research focus/interest is biological oceanography in the Great Lakes. The EDI student committee is a bridge between students and the PSD administration. Together we can make programming that creates a better community for everyone.

Meg Doucette

Meg Doucette

Mathematics Student

Jordan Kemp

Jordan Kemp

Physics Student

I am a third year physics PhD candidate studying the intersection of applications of physics in game theory. I think crafting a supporting research environment takes a consistent dialogue between faculty, administration, and students. The EDI student committee fills this role by giving students an institutional process to structure goals and priorities with one another, and directly communicate with the administration.

Benjamin Lee

Benjamin Slaw

Chemistry Student

I am a sixth year student in the Chemistry PhD program whose research explores the impact of lipid physical properties on protein behavior and function. I am extremely excited to work with the EDI student committee to continue building a strong, supportive, and inclusive environment for underrepresented students in the PSD!

Abby Stevens

Abby Stevens

Statistics Student