EDI Learning Materials

Self-education on matters of EDI is encouraged in the Physical Sciences Division. We invite all PSD members to educate themselves on the importance of understanding different voices and points of view. We have compiled a list of suggested readings and films that address topics of race, identity, and equity.

We recommend PSD members join the PSD Community Conversation Slack workspace to further engage and share more resources. This independent workspace is intended to be an open forum and safe space for individuals to discuss their thoughts and ideas.

Articles and Toolkits

Film and Television

Film Posters for When They See Us; Just Mercy; If Beale Street Could Talk; Clemency; Fruitvale Station; I Am Not Your Negro

Race, Ethnicity, and Anti-Racism

Ability, Disability, and Ableism

Age, Aging, and Ageism

Country of Origin, Immigration, and Nativism

Faith, Religious Identity, Secular Worldview, and Sectarianism

LGBTQIA and Heterosexism

Sex, Gender, Gender Identity, and Gender Discrimination