Postdoc Resources

UChicagoGRAD is a one-stop shop of integrated services to help graduate students and postdocs navigate their academic and professional careers. UChicago GRAD works with academic units as well as campus-wide offices to offer:

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PSD Postdoctoral Advisory Committee

To provide an institutional support system for postdocs, the PSD has established an advisory group. The committee helps to inform the PSD Dean's Office of opportunities for improvement in many areas, including mentorship and career planning, intellectual and social postdoctoral community activities, housing, health plans, and child care. The advisory group also provides a forum for postdocs to share best practices and learn about issues in other units.

The 2018-19 Committee:

Unit Name
Astronomy and Astrophysics Nadia Marounina
FLASH Ben Khiar
Geophysical Sciences Patrick Boehnke
GSE CARS Tim Officer
Math Jamil Chaker
Statistics Ben Palacios
KICP Marco Raveri

Sigrid (Siggy) 


EFI Andy Mastbaum
JFI Mickey McDonald
Computer Science John Paparrizos
Chemistry/PME Ben Rowan

Please contact Susan Hearth, Divisional Administrator for questions about human resources and with any suggestions.