Faculty and OAA Resources

The Physical Sciences Division is here to support faculty and OAAs at all stages of career development. Connect with the Dean’s Office staff to share good news, seek support on grant applications, identify potential donors, offer feedback, and more.

If the student is exhibiting general distress or has disclosed that they are struggling in some way, but you don’t believe that the situation is an emergency, you can direct them to Student Counseling.

  • Students who could use additional support but are not in a crisis situation can call 773.834.9355 to schedule an appointment with a therapist
  • If a student is in acute distress, refer the student to the Therapist-on-Call: 773.702.3625

If you are concerned about the student’s safety (their physical or mental well-being), or if a student’s behavior is causing you to worry about any future actions, you can contact the Dean on Call. The Dean on Call can be reached through the UCPD office; you should be prepared to leave a call-back number for the Dean on Call, who will immediately be paged.

  • Call the Dean-on-Call: 773.702.8181
  • Text the Dean-on-Call: If you prefer to text the Dean on Call, you can do so by downloading the UChicago Safe App and pressing the UChicago HELP button

The Dean of Students, Bahareh Lampert, is always available when faculty have concerns about any of the above situations or would like to discuss a specific case. You can also refer students directly to the Dean of Students. 

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