Past Events


John Sutherland

Origins of Life Speaker Series: John Sutherland

3:45 pm Kent 120 or Zoom

Origins of the RNA-Protein World – Lost in Translation?
The RNA-protein double act at the heart of biology raises several intriguing origins questions that can be addressed by prebiotic chemistry. Beyond the obvious ‘which came first?’, one can also wonder about the extent to which chemistry shaped the process of translation according to the genetic code. In this lecture I will describe some mixed hydrogen cyanide-hydrogen sulfide chemistry that produces nucleotides and amino acids. Some degree of control is necessary for this ‘cyanosulfidic’ chemistry to proceed most efficiently and ways in which environmental factors could exercise this control will be suggested. Synergies in the assembly of nucleotide and amino acid building blocks into higher order structures will then be discussed as will experimental hints of a previously proposed second genetic code. Finally, it will be shown how the strength of codon-anticodon binding likely influenced the partial initial assignment of the primary genetic code.


Origins of Life

May 23
Carlos Frenk

Brinson Lecture with Carlos Frenck

6:00–7:00 pm Eckhardt Research Complex

Prof. Carlos Frenk of the University of Durham will deliver the annual Brinson Lecture on May 17 at 6 PM: “How our universe was made: all from nothing”



May 17
David Rubenstein Forum Building on UChicago campus

Inaugural Data Science Institute Summit

2:00–5:00 pm Friedman Hall

The inaugural Data Science Institute Summit will feature the UChicago vision for data science and sessions on DSI research programs, such as AI + Science, Internet Access and Equity, and Data and Democracy, as well as education and outreach partnerships with the City Colleges of Chicago, minority-serving institutions, and the 11th Hour Project.


Computer Science, Data Science, Statistics

May 9
Logo for the UChicago Harper Lectures, a four square collage

Harper Lectures: The Ethical and Societal Impact of AI, Data, and Computing: A Conversation with CS Faculty

5:30–8:00 pm Rubenstein Forum

The Ethical and Societal Impact of AI, Data, and Computing: A Conversation with Computer Science Faculty members Marshini Chetty, Aloni Cohen, Michael Franklin, Blase Ur, and Heather Zheng


AI, Computer Science

Apr 27

Dean's Salon Series: Speech and the Soul with Sanjay Krishnan, Computer Science

6:00–7:30 pm online

Speech and the Soul: Language, Artificial Intelligence, and the Mind. Join Dean Anne Walters Robertson for a conversation with Allyson Ettinger, Sanjay Krishnan, David Schloen, and Malte Willer about what artificial intelligence can and cannot tell us about what it is to be human.


AI, Computer Science

Apr 26
PSD Dean Angela Olinto with Logo for Hispanic Latinx Resource Group of UChicago

HLX Group: A Day in the Life with Angela Olinto

12:00–1:00 pm Online

The UChicago Hispanic LatinX (HLX) Resource Group is hosting “A Day in the Life” — a lunchtime conversation with PSD Dean Angela Olinto, who is from Brazil.



Apr 22

Symposium for Teaching with Technology

Through April 21, 2022 online

From 1-5:30 PM each day, view presentations and discussions by faculty and instructors about the ways in which they are integrating technology into their teaching.  They will share how they are engaging with students in new ways both online and in the classroom.

Apr 20
World Quantum Day 2022 logo against a swirling blue background

World Quantum Day with Assoc. Prof. Diana Franklin

4:00–5:00 pm Online

As part of World Quantum Day, Associate Prof. Diana Franklin, Dept. of Computer Science, will join a live webinar to discuss “What is Quantum Science and Why Should I Care?” intended for students and the general public.


computer science, quantum

Apr 14

Women's History Month 2022 Panel & Reception for Students

5:00 pm Eckhardt Research Center

Women’s History Month 2022 panel & reception for students, featuring Angela Olinto, Dean of the PSD, UChicago, Teri Odom, Chair of Chemistry, Northwestern, and Ali Vanderveld, Senior Staff Data Scientist, Wayfair


EDI, Students

Mar 28

IMSI Workshop: The Mathematics of Soft Matter

Through March 4, 2022 Online

The UChicago Institute on Mathematical and Statistical Innovation is hosting the workshop The Mathematics of Soft Matter: Dynamic and Structure. This workshop will bring together mathematicians, computational and theoretical chemists and chemical engineers, and experimental scientists to identify critical topical areas that intersect mathematics and the physics and chemistry of soft matter.

Feb 28