Shaw Prize Lecture: Alexander Beilinson

6:00–7:00 am Online

A lecture in honor of The Shaw Prize in Mathematical Sciences 2020, awarded in equal shares to Alexander Beilinson, David and Mary Winton Green University Professor at the University of Chicago, USA, and David Kazhdan, Professor of Mathematics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, for their huge influence on and profound contributions to representation theory, as well as many other areas of mathematics.
Alexander "Sasha" Beilinson and David Kazhdan are two mathematicians who have made profound contributions to the branch of mathematics known as representation theory, but who are also famous for the fundamental influence they have had on many other areas, such as arithmetic geometry, K-theory, conformal field theory, number theory, algebraic and complex geometry, group theory, and algebra more generally. As well as proving remarkable theorems themselves, they have created conceptual tools that have been essential to many breakthroughs of other mathematicians. Thanks to their work and its exceptionally broad reach, large areas of mathematics are significantly more advanced than they would otherwise have been.

This event is scheduled early because it is hosted in Hong Kong.

Viewers can visit the Shaw Prize website after May 20 for a YouTube link to the prerecorded lecture.

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Broad Audience, Lectures



May 20