UChicago Alumni Club presents Dean Angela Olinto

6:00–7:00 pm

Astrophysicist Angela Olinto, Dean of the Physical Sciences, will give a virtual talk entitled "A 'POEMMA' to broaden our perception of the Universe and its mysteries." 

Summary: Over the last few decades, surprising discoveries have been made as we expanded the ways in which we study the Universe. Today we not only use a wide range of “eyes” to observe the cosmos, but we also detect new messengers of astrophysical phenomena: gravitational waves (closer in analogy to sound) and cosmic particles (closer in analogy to taste or smell). Our team is leading a space mission named POEMMA and balloon-borne telescope prototypes to broaden our senses of the Universe. These new observations challenge our imagination and inspire new generations to ask more questions about Nature.

Full event and registration info: https://chicago.uchicagoalumni.org/article.html?aid=2228

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Broad Audience



Aug 19