News: 2023


From Israeli digs to Greenland villages, UChicagoans travel the world for research

September 19, 2023

Jérémie Bonneau (left) and Oscar Sepulveda perform an active seismic source experiment

Geophysical Sciences grad student Freya Chen shares how she spent her summer tapping glaciers to test seismological models.

Photo: Jérémie Bonneau (left) and Oscar Sepulveda perform an active seismic source experiment. Image courtesy of Yulia Antropova.

PSD Spotlight: Maureen Searcy

September 18, 2023

Maureen Searcy

PSD's September spotlight is Maureen Searcy, Assistant Director of Content

Introducing new faculty in the Physical Sciences Division 2023-24

September 15, 2023

New PSD Faculty

Please welcome the faculty joining the Physical Sciences Division in the ’23–24 academic year.

UChicago investigators synthesize new family of hybrid organic-inorganic mxenes

September 15, 2023

Talapin lab group

UChicago investigators have made progress with the synthesis of novel compounds, hybrid MXenes, that combine organic and inorganic materials, claims a new paper authored by The Talapin Group that was recently published in Nature Chemistry.

UChicago computer scientists design small backpack that mimics big sensations

September 15, 2023

Person wearing JumpMod backpack

JumpMod is a compact, wearable backpack that uses vertical force feedback to create the feeling of perceived jumping and landing. The untethered nature of the device has the potential to scale these full-body sensations for at-home use– a problem currently unsolved.

UChicago Researchers win Internet Defense Prize and Distinguished Paper Awards at USENIX Security

September 15, 2023

SAND Lab, Security, Usability, and Privacy Education and Research

Among the top recognized at this year's USENIX Security Symposium were the Glaze Project and SUPERgroup's collaborative research on the vulnerability of university’s passwords to attacks leveraging password reuse.

A year after its successful debut, the South Side Science Festival returns on September 30 to celebrate STEM for all

September 15, 2023

A child wearing blue glasses looks at a fossil with a magnifying lens

Scientists and science enthusiasts from across UChicago are busy preparing to welcome thousands of South Siders to campus on Saturday, September 30, as the University hosts its second annual South Side Science Festival.

Photo by Jean Lachat

$50 Million to Northwestern, University of Chicago for a new center on mathematics and biology

September 15, 2023

a developing fruit fly eye shown in green and purple

Forbes article details the partnership between UChicago and Northwestern for the launch of the new National Institute for Theory and Mathematics in Biology, the first of its kind in the US.

It’s back to school for cyber gangs, too

September 14, 2023

Marshini Chetty

Computer scientist Marshini Chetty and CS PhD student Jake Chanenson comment on the disparities in cyber data protection for schools compared to banks and other for-profit businesses in an article for The 74.

Northwestern, UChicago to receive $50 million to study life sciences using mathematics

September 14, 2023

a developing fruit fly eye shown in green and purple

New institute will be an international hub focused on fundamental questions.

Image of a developing fruit fly eye courtesy of R. Carthew

Private equity recruits data-science talent as industry tackles machine learning

September 13, 2023

illustration of cubes, light flares, dots on dark background

A Wall Street Journal article notes the work of UChicago data-science researchers interning with private equity firms.

NSF investing $76 million in four university-based Physics Frontier Centers

September 13, 2023

Arvind Murugan (left) and Margaret Gardel

A Forbes article announces that UChicago has received a $15.5 million grant from the NSF to launch the NSF Physics Frontiers Center for Living Systems. Prof. Margaret Gardel, who will lead the center, says, "we aim to establish a new field of physics that focuses on how living matter adapts to its environment on timescales ranging from milliseconds to billions of years.”

Congratulations to Chuan He for winning the Falling Walls Science Breakthrough of the Year!

September 13, 2023

Chuan He

Chuan He, who was shortlisted last month for the Falling Walls Science Breakthrough of the Year, has been named the 2023 laureate for Life Sciences.

NSF to establish $15.5M Center for Living Systems at the University of Chicago

September 12, 2023

Arvind Murugan (left) and Margaret Gardel

Center aims to establish a new field of physics to understand adaptation in living matter.

Here’s what needs to happen to achieve safe self-driving cars

September 12, 2023

Bo Li

Computer scientist Bo Li outlines the path to safe self-driving cars, saying, "First of all, rigorous standardized testing is very important...there's no standardized testing yet," and adding that "we need to have various components to work together with a car, for instance, adding the traffic rules as a logical knowledge database, or adding the regulations so that the cars have not a single model."