News: 2020


Four UChicago scientists speculate about science in the decade ahead 

January 3, 2020

Computer simulation of carbon dioxide movement in the atmosphere

Four UChicago scientists, including synthetic chemist, Bryan Dickinson, astrophysicist, Daniel Holz, and computer scientist, Marshini Chetty consider the possibilities—and pitfalls—their own fields could face in the decade ahead. 

PSD in the News - December 2019

January 3, 2020

Physical Sciences data map logo

This month, PSD researchers have been featured for finding 'dark patterns' that influence shoppers' decision-making, discovering materials that 'remember' past stresses as they age, and for offering an innovative explanation for why there aren't as many Neptune-sized exoplanets.

Prof. Daniel Holz discusses the top science stories of 2019 with WTTW

January 3, 2020

Daniel Holz

Prof. Daniel Holz, regular science contributor at WTTW, discusses the top science stories of 2019, including the first ever black hole image, gene-edited cells used to treat sickle cell, the Artemis moon mission, and climate change. 

finEDge program prepares high school students for personal finance decisions

January 2, 2020

Daniel Buie in graduation cap

WBEZ features finEDge, a program developed by UChicago STEM Education and Magnetar Capital Foundation to teach students about personal finance. The curriculum focuses heavily on student loans and the costs of higher education so students are prepared to make informed financial decisions about college. 

Researchers discover that materials ‘remember’ past stresses as they age

January 2, 2020

two lattice-like examples of disordered materials trained in the study--one where the structure seems more close and the other is looser

A new study by University of Chicago and University of Pennsylvania scientists shows that as materials age, they ‘remember’ prior stresses and external forces, which researchers can then use to create new materials with unique properties.    

PSD faculty members receive named professorships

January 2, 2020

Physical Sciences data map logo

Stuart A. Kurtz has been named the George and Elizabeth Yovovich Professor in the Department of Computer Science and the College. Kurtz is a theoretical computer scientist who studies computational logic, type theory, complexity theory and randomness. He also has made research contributions in biological computing, bioinformatics and constructive logic. 

Matthew Stephens has been named the Ralph W. Gerard Professor in the Departments of Statistics and Human Genetics and the College. Stephens’ research focuses on a wide variety of problems at the interface of statistics and genetics. His lab often tackles problems where novel statistical methods are required, or can learn something new compared with existing approaches.