News: 2018


Flash Center turns 20, welcomes new director

October 29, 2018

Petros Tzeferacos

October marks the 20th anniversary of the Flash Center for Computational Science. The center is the home of FLASH, a community code with applications in fields ranging from astrophysics to engineering and biology.


STEM Broader Impacts Fair broadens audience

September 24, 2018

STEM broader impacts fair

The STEM Broader Impacts Fair gathers science-focused organizations like Artifice that are seeking volunteers and scientist support. The fair began as a way to connect graduate students with local outreach opportunities, but for the first time this fall, all undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs, and faculty are invited to connect with the organizations.

UChicago PSD announces new master’s program for computational and applied mathematics

September 18, 2018

Physical Sciences data map logo

The University of Chicago's Physical Sciences Division will launch the Master's Program in Computational and Applied Mathematics (MCAM) in the fall of 2019

Scientists discover influenza protein behavior that could aid drug development

September 12, 2018

Development of drugs

Researchers at the University of Chicago and University of Kent in the United Kingdom have discovered critical information about the behavior of the influenza A M2 protein, which facilitates the release of infectious particles, called virions, from the infected host cell. This discovery could lead to drugs that inhibit M2, thus blocking the virus from infecting other cells.


Proton Hydration Structures are Asymmetric, Study Reveals

July 31, 2018

Proton hydration

A team of researchers at the University of Chicago used broadband 2D IR spectroscopy to reveal proton behavior when acids like HCl dissociate in water. Although general chemistry textbooks typically teach that the proton associates with water as a hydronium ion H3O+, they discovered that the proton is strongly bound between two water molecules and that the structures are predominantly asymmetrical.


UChicago activities at Yerkes Observatory to end in 2018

March 7, 2018

Yerkes Observatory

The University of Chicago has announced plans to wind down its activities at Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay, Wis., over the next six months and to formally cease on-site operations by Oct. 1, 2018.


Henry Luce Foundation Grant to Support Science Professorships for Women

February 14, 2018

Physical Sciences data map logo

A grant from the Henry Luce Foundation will support an initiative to significantly increase the gender diversity of faculty members across the Physical Sciences Division by 2023.