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Replacement of human artists by AI systems in creative industries

March 28, 2024

Ben Zhao

Ben Zhao, Neubauer Professor of Computer Science, pens an article for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development detailing how generative AI systems have made significant inroads into creative industries such as art, music, and creative writing, particularly since 2022.

Mighty MXenes are ready for launch

March 28, 2024

A scanning electron microscopy image reveals the beautiful shapes of tiny structures known as MXenes, which are of interest to scientists for new devices and electronics but were previously hard to create. These were grown with a new easier and less toxic

A Chemical & Engineering News article mentions a nearly $2 million grant from the NSF awarded to Prof. Dmitri Talapin to establish the MXenes Synthesis, Tunability, and Reactivity Center for Chemical Innovation.

New method better describes the “in-between” stages of chemical reactions

March 27, 2024

Researchers from the Chemistry Department in the Physical Sciences Division have developed a computational approach to accurately describe transient states for many chemical reactions.

NASA announces selection of 10 CubeSat missions for International Space Station deployment

March 21, 2024

Cubesat device

University of Chicago's PULSE-A (Polarization modUlated Laser Satellite Experiment) project among those selected.

A holistic look at Earth’s chemical cycling sheds light on how the planet stays habitable

March 21, 2024

Earth's atmosphere shell

University of Chicago-led study considers biogeochemical cycles from a bird’s-eye view.

Research suggests how turbulence can be used to generate patterns

March 21, 2024

wisps of steam

Physicists show how patterns can emerge from chaos in turbulent fluids.

Scientists find one of the most ancient stars that formed in another galaxy

March 21, 2024

Large Magellanic Cloud in infrared light

Stars from the Large Magellanic Cloud reveal new hints about how the universe got its elements.

VR headsets can be hacked with an Inception-style attack

March 15, 2024

Heather Zheng

For an MIT Technology Review article, CS Prof. Heather Zheng discusses her recent research on the vulnerability of VR sets to "inception attacks."

Climate change causes faster jet streams, flights

March 1, 2024

Tiffany Shaw

Prof. Tiffany Shaw discusses faster jet streams for a WFLA (Tampa) video.

New pacemaker design powers the heart with light

March 1, 2024

Bozhi Tian

Prof. Bozhi Tian and Doctoral Candidate Pengju Li discuss newly designed pacemaker powered by light in a WGN video. 

FabRobotics: the fusion of 3D printing and mobile robots

March 1, 2024

3d printer with partially printed figure

The FabRobotics team from UChicago and MIT seamlessly incorporates mobile robots into the 3D printing process to improve automation and efficiency.

Professor Andrew A. Chien on the environmental impacts of technology

March 1, 2024

Andrew A. Chien

Andrew A. Chien’s research on sustainable cloud computing and his interdisciplinary course, Sustainable Computing, provides insight into an often overlooked problem.

Here’s how you can help Chicago get better internet service

March 1, 2024

hand using a mouse next to keyboard

For Block Club Chicago, Prof. Nicole Marwell--part of DSI's Internet Equity Initiative--discusses the Illinois BEAD challenge.

Resurrecting niobium for quantum science

March 1, 2024

microscopic image of niobium Josephson junction

For years, niobium was considered an underperformer when it came to superconducting qubits. Now scientists supported by Q-NEXT have found a way to engineer a high-performing niobium-based qubit and so take advantage of niobium’s superior qualities.

PalmWatch, a new tool created by DSI’s 11th Hour team, sheds light on palm oil production across the globe

February 23, 2024

aerial view of palm trees

PalmWatch, a new tool jointly created by DSI and Inclusive Development International, tracks deforestation by palm oil mills and connects that information to major, multinational brands’ sourcing.