News: PSD Spotlights


Meet Mohit Verma, Physics

September 28, 2023

Mohit Verma

Mohit Verma, who grew up in Toronto, is a fourth-year PhD student in Physics. His research is in experimental atomic physics with the goal of probing new physics beyond the standard model.

Meet Annie Xie, Statistics

September 21, 2023

Annie Xie

Annie Xie grew up in Guilford, CT. She’s in her third year at UChicago as a PhD student in Statistics, where she has been working to develop statistical methods for analyzing and identifying patterns in genetics data.

PSD Spotlight: Maureen Searcy

September 18, 2023

Maureen Searcy

PSD's September spotlight is Maureen Searcy, Assistant Director of Content

Introducing new faculty in the Physical Sciences Division 2023-24

September 15, 2023

New PSD Faculty

Please welcome the faculty joining the Physical Sciences Division in the ’23–24 academic year.

Meet Mitzi Nakatsuka

July 12, 2023

Mitzi Nakatsuka

The 2023 Alice W. Chandler Staff Service Recognition Ceremony was held June 22. Meet some of the staff members who are celebrating this year the longest tenures at the University.

Mitzi Nakatsuka celebrates year 45 at UChicago. She started at the University as a secretary in the Statistics Department, later moved into Web Services, before eventually returning to the department she started in as a web developer.

Meet Sandra Tilmon

June 30, 2023

Sandra Tilmon

Sandra Tilmon is a graduate of the MS in Applied Data Science part-time program in the Physical Sciences Division.

Meet Riya Sheth, FinMath studentĀ 

May 30, 2023

Portrait of Riya Sheth

Riya Sheth is a Financial Mathematics student and has been at UChicago for six months. She has been deep diving into her coursework, which includes mathematics, computer science, finance, and data analysis. As part of her program, she has also been working with Bodhi Research Group on a project pertaining to tail-risk hedging.

PSD Spotlight: Megan Utley

May 29, 2023

Megan Utley wearing a blue and white patterned top and black jacket standing outside.

PSD's May spotlight is Meet Megan Utley, PSD's Lab Safety Specialist. 

Meet GeoSci student, Emma Stoutenburg

April 24, 2023

Emma Stoutenburg is a second-year UChicago GeoSci PhD student, with a bachelor’s in Earth Science and a specialization in Geophysics from Ohio State University. Emma works in the field of mineral physics, where she studies the physical properties of the minerals within the deep interiors of planets.  

PSD April Spotlight: Galen Tsongas

April 21, 2023

Portrait of Galen Tsongas wearing a black framed glasses, a brown hat and a flannel shirt.

PSD’s April spotlight is Galen Tsongas, Event Administrator for Astronomy and Astrophysics, and KICP.

Meet chemistry student, Lauren McNamara

March 29, 2023

Lauren McNamara wearing a grey sweater against a vivid and colorful background.

Lauren is a third-year UChicago chemistry PhD student, with a bachelor’s in chemistry from UC Davis. She is a synthetic inorganic chemist and works primarily with a carbon and sulfur-based scaffold that she links between transition metals. We interviewed her about her experiences at UChicago. 

PSD Spotlight: Sean Hernandez

February 24, 2023

Sean Hernandez

PSD's February spotlight is Sean Hernandez, Assistant Director of PSD Graphics. Sean has been with UChicago for fifteen years.

Meet computational and applied mathematics student, Mark Olson

February 8, 2023

Mark Olson

Mark A. Olson was raised in Buffalo, New York, and San Luis Obispo, California. After studying mathematics and computer science at UC Berkeley, he joined the PhD program in Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAM). He is currently researching Liouville quantum gravity, a topic in theoretic probability, with Assoc. Prof. Ewain Gwynne.

PSD Spotlight: Justin Jureller

January 17, 2023

Justin Jureller

The PSD January Spotlight is Justin Jureller, Chemistry PhD’06, Technical Director of the Materials Preparation & Measurement Laboratory in the James Franck Institute and Materials Research Science and Engineering Center.

Meet astronomy and astrophysics student, Mandy Chen

January 5, 2023

Mandy Chen

Mandy Chen was born and raised in Guizhou Province, Southwest China. Before coming to UChicago she was studying at the University of Hong Kong, where she got bachelor’s and master’s degrees in physics and astronomy. This is her fifth year as a PhD student in astronomy and astrophysics. Her research focuses on observations of the diffuse circumgalactic medium—the outermost envelopes of galaxies.