CS Alumni Spotlight: Andrew McNutt

November 3, 2023

Andrew McNutt

CS alumnus Andrew McNutt talks visualization career, lessons from UChicago, and the road from PhD to tenure track at University of Utah.

UChicago undergrad analyzes machine learning models used by CPD, uncovers lack of transparency about data usage

November 3, 2023

Anika Vyas

Fourth-year student Anika Vyas utilized her time in Computer Science Asst. Prof. Raul Castro Fernandez’s ethics in data science course to investigate the successes and failures of the Chicago Police Department’s crime surveillance technology; the research suggests citizens aren’t getting the full story.

AxLab features multidisciplinary works at world’s largest art and technology festival

November 3, 2023

Actuated Experience Lab members

Computer Science Assistant Professor Ken Nakagaki and a group of undergraduate students from the University of Chicago displayed three research prototypes at this year’s Ars Electronica Festival. The work played off of the festival’s theme, “Who Owns the Truth?”.

The universe’s puzzlingly fast expansion may defy explanation, cosmologists fret

November 2, 2023

map of cosmic microwave background

Science article discusses the scientific debate around the universe's rate of expansion, with quotes from UChicago research fellow Tanvi Karwal.

Introducing the new PhD Program in Data Science

November 2, 2023

The University of Chicago Data Science Institute

New PhD program will train students to become the next generation of intellectual leaders in this fast-growing field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

UChicago CS chair, faculty, and students inducted into Samsung Hall of Fame for identifying vulnerability in SmartTVs

November 2, 2023

Samsung SmartTV

Researchers from the Department of Computer Science have created a side-channel attack that identifies how easily hackers could guess a user's passwords or credit card numbers by listening to the audio of a SmartTV. The work has been recognized by Samsung, and the group is now featured in the Samsung Hall of Fame for Smart TV, Audio, and Displays.

UChicago chemists make breakthrough in drug discovery chemistry

November 2, 2023

Mark Levin and Jisoo Woo at blackboard

For years, if you asked the people working to create new pharmaceutical drugs what they wished for, at the top of their lists would be a way to easily replace a carbon atom with a nitrogen atom in a molecule. But two studies from chemists at the University of Chicago, published in Science and Nature, offer two new methods to address this wish. The findings could make it easier to develop new drugs.

Meet Isabella Scott, Math

November 2, 2023

Isabella Scott

Isabella Scott, born in San Francisco and brought up between there and London, earned a BSc in Pure Maths from the University of St Andrews. They are now a 6th-year PhD student in Math, studying mathematical logic, “which sort of studies the ‘mathematics of mathematics’.”

NSF awards up to $21.4M for design of next-gen telescopes to capture earliest moments of universe

October 27, 2023

photograph of the current radio telescopes at NSF’s South Pole Station

The National Science Foundation has awarded $3.7 million to the University of Chicago for the first year of a grant that may provide up to $21.4 million for the final designs for a next-generation set of telescopes to map the light from the earliest moments of the universe—the Cosmic Microwave Background.

Storm signals

October 26, 2023

Mid-latitude cyclone on the first day of summer

Climate scientist Tiffany Shaw will study whether climate predictions were right, for the right reasons.

Generative AI models are sucking data up from all over the internet, yours included

October 24, 2023

Ben Zhao

In a Scientific American article, CS Prof. Ben Zhao discusses the ways that data, though it may be meant for private use, can end up in public training sets for AI.

This new data poisoning tool lets artists fight back against generative AI

October 24, 2023

Ben Zhao

In an MIT Technology Review article, CS Prof. Ben Zhao discusses his new tool "Nightshade," which messes up training data in ways that could cause serious damage to image-generating AI models. 

Crystals from Apollo mission find moon is 40 million years older than scientists thought

October 24, 2023

The moon rises over the Earth, photographed from the International Space Station

New UChicago, Field Museum study finds lunar crystals formed at least 4.46 billion years ago.

Congrats to cosmologist Rocky Kolb, winner of the APS Lilienfeld Prize!

October 24, 2023

Rocky Kolb

In an interview with APS News, Kolb urges physicists to combat scientific illiteracy and discusses the Big Bang, parallel universes, and the need for public outreach.

Congrats to Physics professor David DeMille for receiving the APS Ramsey Prize!

October 24, 2023

David DeMille

The Norman F. Ramsey Prize recognizes outstanding accomplishments in the two fields of Norman Ramsey: atomic, molecular, and optical physics; and precision tests of fundamental laws and symmetries. DeMille, along with Gerald Gabrielse (Northwestern), and John M. Doyle (Harvard), earned the prize “for pioneering work in molecular physics, cooling, and spectroscopy that has profoundly advanced the search for the electric dipole moment of the electron, and for placing stringent constraints on modifications to the Standard Model in a tabletop experiment.”