PSD Dean’s Student Advisory Committee (DSAC)

The PSD Dean's Student Advisory Committee (DSAC) is comprised of one graduate student representative from each program in the PSD,  faculty Deputy Deans, and the Dean of Students. Committee meetings give PSD students an advisory voice in the Division's administration and an opportunity to comment on how institutional policies and plans affect student life. Likewise, they provide the deans with an opportunity to explain institutional policies to the students and to learn first-hand about student concerns. Contact your program's representatives with any issues you think should be brought to DSAC. Representatives are invited by their departments at the beginning of the academic year. 

2019 PSD Dean's Student Advisory Committee

Department or Program Name(s)
Astronomy & Astrophysics Rostom Mbarek
Biophysical Sciences Jessica Morgan
Computational and Applied Math Justin Finkel
Chemistry Airi Kawamura and Elizabeth Bain
Computer Science Anne Farrell and Ricardo Barros Lourenço
Financial Mathematics Philip Michaelides and Ji (David) Yu
Geophysical Sciences Haynes Stephens
Master's Program in Computer Science Yuta Nakamura and Winshen Liu
Master's Program in PSD James Kingston and Daniel Tay
Mathematics Isabella Scott and Peter Morfe
Physics Chloe Lindeman
Statistics Abby Stevens