People of PSD 2022-2023

The Physical Sciences Division is a vibrant community composed of students, faculty, and staff from around the world. Our success is built on collaborative relationships and our strength lies in our diverse perspectives. When the University of Chicago shifted to remote learning in the 2020-2021 academic year and we were all physically distanced, People of PSD gave students small glimpses into each other’s lives to remind one another of the rich variety of experiences in the PSD. Due to the popularity of this initiative, we are continuing the People of PSD photo contests during the 2022-2023 academic year.

The photos below have been submitted to our People of PSD photo contests. Please feel free to browse and participate in future contests. The winners will receive a small care package from the Dean of Students Office. 

Current students are encouraged to submit an entry to the photo contest (see your email for details) or vote on submissions (please limit to one vote per person).

Celebrating Autumn

Trees in fall colors reflected on water
Reflecting on the Quad (Adrian L., Computer Science PhD student) (Student-Selected Winner)
Blue sky and fall colors
Hunting for a blueberry muffin on campus on a Saturday (Jaswitha R., Masters Program in Computer Science student) (Student-Selected Winner)
Tree with yellow leaves and a building covered in vines of different colors
Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness (Aabesh B., Statistics PhD student) (Student-Selected Winner)
group of people smiling
Pumpkin carving with friends (Laurence T., Masters Program in Computer Science student)
Looking out a window during rain, with fall colors outdoors
A glimpse of autumn (Chacha C., Computer Science PhD student)
Red leaf
Colors of Autumn! (Jasmeet S., MS in Applied Data Science student)
man in a mask outside
First day at school (Suen Kei C., MS in Applied Data Science student)
person in costume
Blissful Voldemort (Kourtney K., Biophysical Sciences PhD student)
blue sky with tall buildings and trees in fall colors
(Sihui L., Financial Mathematics Masters student)
orange leaf
This leaf sees the sun for the last time (Junchen L., Masters Program in Computer Science student)
decorated pumpkin
All Hallows' Day (Ximan W., Applied data Science student)
person taking a picture of a red tree
How I Capture the Colors of Fall (Ziwan X., Chemistry PhD student)
woman standing in front of a red tree
Autumn, Chicago and me! (Yuke Z., Geophysical Sciences PhD student)
person holding a paper fan in front of a building and red tree
Appreciating fall foliage in Hanfu on Frost's Descent. (Camilla L., Geophysical Sciences PhD student)
picture of a trail sign in a forest
Trip to Indiana dunes in early autumn (Geer Y., Computational and Applied Mathematics Masters student)
people rock climbing
Learning trad climbing at Devil's Lake! (Roo W., Biophysical Sciences PhD student)
girl outside
India-Indonesian cultural fusion to celebrate Diwali at UChicago in autumn (Maria Clarissa F., Applied Data Science student)
person writing in a notebook
Emma enjoying the last warm weekend of the season (Liv M., Chemistry PhD student)
Shore of Fall (Jiachen Y., Computational and Applied Mathematics Masters student)
food and drinks on an outdoor table
Thursday Girls' Day ❣️ (Amber L., Statistics PhD student)
bird's eye view of a lake surrounded by a forest in fall colors
Lake of big spring (Yilin G., Applied Data Science student)
2 people picking fruit from a tree
Trying to get the juicy apples atop the tree (James S., Computer Science PhD student)
small group of people smiling
Halloween party with BSD friends (Davi B C., Physics PhD student)