People of PSD 2021-2022

The Physical Sciences Division is a vibrant community composed of students, faculty, and staff from around the world. Our success is built on collaborative relationships and our strength lies in our diverse perspectives. When the University of Chicago shifted to remote learning in the 2020-2021 academic year and we were all physically distanced, People of PSD gave students small glimpses into each other’s lives to remind one another of the rich variety of experiences in the PSD. Due to the popularity of this initiative, we are continuing the People of PSD photo contests during the 2021-2022 academic year.

You can view all prior entries on the People of PSD page. People of PSD 2021-2022 will feature photos from our students during this year's photo contests. 

The photos below have been submitted to our People of PSD photo contests. Please feel free to browse and participate in future contests. The winners will receive a small care package from the Dean of Students Office. 

Current students are encouraged to submit an entry to the photo contest (see your email for details) or vote on submissions (please limit to one vote per person).

Science Snapshots | Celebrating Winter | Pets of PSD

Pink Guy Wears Jump-Augmenting Backpack (Alan S., MPCS Student) (Student-Selected Winner)
Hard at work at Summit Station, Greenland (Daniel S., Physics PhD Student) (Student-Selected Winner)
Indiana Jones and the long term mussel removal experiment (Roo W., Biophysical Sciences PhD Student) (Student-Selected Winner)
3D scanning a 10+ million year old fossil horse skull! (Anna W., Geophysical Sciences PhD Student)
Alex Explaining Physics (Alex H., Physics PhD Student)
That's the right way to do it! (Ananth K., Chemistry PhD Student)
A nice outcrop - December 2021 Big Bend National Park (Rachel L., Geophysical Sciences PhD Student)
The instrument's morning routine: she's high maintenance (Carly K., Physics PhD Student)
Simons Observatory camera: 3D printed (front) and in lab (behind) (Grace C., Physics PhD Student)
From Beach to Blackboard (Anuj A., Physics PhD Student)
Kaeli Using Proper PPE in the Field - Circa 2019 (Dan S., Physics PhD Student)
Staving off the winter blues (Milena C., Biophysical Sciences PhD Student)
Forget-me-nots for Forget-the-Year (Shreya S., Physics PhD Student)
Guess what I found? America!! (Ananth K., Chemistry PhD Student) (Student-Selected Winner)
Street skiing after a 15’ storm (Da T., Chemistry PhD Student) (Student-Selected Winner)
Staying warm in -5 degrees! (Roo W., Biophysical Sciences PhD Student) (Student-Selected Winner)
Cross-country Skiing Midway - as challenging as finishing a PhD (Ram I., Chemistry PhD Student) (Student-Selected Winner)
Nune, the snowman (named by my 3 year old sister.) (Davi C., Physics PhD Student) (Honorable Mention: "Cutest Snowman")
Minnesotan: "Offda, da'nordern ar'bytin tooday!" English: "Good day for fishing" (Broc K., Geophysical Sciences PhD Student) (Honorable Mention: "Best Minnesotan Accent")
Be bold when it’s cold!! (Priyanka S., Computer Science PhD Student) (Honorable Mention: "Most Joyful in the Face of Winter's Wrath")
Chicago being Chicago (Grace C., Physics PhD Student)
Katrina has to drive to Wisconsin to ski (Katrina H., Physics PhD Student)
Fun after sampling water under frozen Lake Superior (Maria H., Geophysical Sciences PhD Student)
Art by Daniel Popper at the Morton Arboretum (Kelly W., Computer Science PhD Student)
Lake of Snow (Boxuan Z., Statistics MS Student)
Shred the gnar!!! (PSD ski trip) (Chuan Y., Physics PhD Student)
Skiing with my kid (Denton J., Financial Mathematics MS Student)
Wintry fun with a Snow-Wizard and his cats! (Julia M., Chemistry PhD Student)
Happy in Garden (Meng Y., MScA Student)
Not everyday you get to stand on a lake! (Shubhashree P., Chemistry PhD Student)
Student-Selected Winner: Say Cheese!!! (Ann H., MScA Student)
Student-Selected Winner: Xiaolongbao (steamed buns) (Deqing F., Statistics MS Student)
Student-Selected Winner: This is two two! I am almost 2 years old (Howard C., MScA Student)
Student-Selected "Best Caption": When will my husband return from the war... (Julie K., Chemistry PhD Student)
Student-Selected "Best Attitude": Happy lil driver (Jiawei D., MScA Student)
Student-Selected "Acting Most Like a Human": Silly Jenny chilling after cleaning her belly (Mandy C., Astronomy & Astrophysics PhD Student)
Juniper loves Christmas lights! (Andy H., Astronomy & Astrophysics PhD Student)
Cyclodoggotide (Frank G., Chemistry PhD Student)
Selfie queen Ruby (AJ J., MPCS Student)
I'm sorry, Professor, but Cowboy coded my Python homework. (Sandra T., MScA Student)
Shared pets in main quad :-) (Lanqing Y., Physics PhD Student)
Graduation! (Zheyuan F., MPCS Student)
Charming Pet Budgie Bird (Li W., Physics PhD Student)
Her royal highness Duchess Purrcella basking in sunlight (Shobhit G., Physics PhD Student)
Dexter and Maple chillaxing and enjoying the skyline (Kourtney K., Biophysical Sciences PhD Student)
Tuffy the corgi puppy loves her dinosaur stuffy! (Rachel L., Geophysical Sciences PhD Student)
Another productive day working from home with Fern (Lissa R., Biophysical Sciences PhD Student)
Sleepy gerb (Samantha L., Physics PhD Student)
The best therapist has fur and four legs. (Mark C., MPCS Student)
True Huskie - Luna loves lounging in snow and cold (Charles M., MScA Student)
Brahms and Margaret (now we know she is a girl!) (Giorgio S., Geophysical Sciences PhD Student)
A 5-hour trail (Yifei X., MPCS Student)
Ponti loves the [empty] tub (Katrina H., Physics PhD Student)
Pippin the mini lop questioning his lack of food (Nora B., Astronomy & Astrophysics PhD Student)
Don't we all wish we were more like Jimmy? (Mohit V., Physics PhD Student)
Mielle HATES it when I do math. (Grace W., Computer Science PhD Student)
Walking into the forest. (Hanh C., MScA Student)
Aurora (left) and Pascal (right). (Megan B., Biophysical Sciences PhD Student)
Jeera taking a nap (Clare K., Chemistry PhD Student)
Greetings from Mero (Xuan L., Statistics MS Student)
Max enjoying the East River Ferry in NYC (Gina C., MScA Student)
Working from home (Kevin W., Statistics MS Student)
Blue-eyed Leucistic Ball Python (Panyu C., Physics PhD Student)
So what? (Xinchun M., Mathematics PhD Student)
Three cats doing stuff (Thomas H., Mathematics PhD Student)
Disrupting your focus haha (Jake H., Chemistry PhD Student)
Luna by Iris Micah Katie (Iris L., Mathematics PhD Student)
Cat doin' my internship for me (Alan S., MPCS Student)
Kuma (Szi-Kai H., MScA Student)
Momo! (Melody F., MScA Student)
Snow bathing! (Varsha R., Computer Science PhD Student)
Sophie (Melissa A., Statistics PhD Student)
How to solve the Pendulum (Qinghao M., Physics PhD Student)
Mocha with a cute snow beard (Victoria X., Chemistry PhD Student)
Jack (Kate B., Chemistry PhD Student)
Arthur doing some serious studying (Anna S., Chemistry PhD Student)
Stay cozy (Wei L., MPCS Student)
Going to sleep (Qiqing X., Statistics MS Student)
Jacobian and the skyline (Kristin D., Physics PhD Student)
What do you mean you have to do homework? (Jupiter A., MScA Student)
Hey no pictures! Woof! (Allen D., MScA Student)
Rex & Slinky (Adina F., Astronomy & Astrophysics PhD Student)
Playing on a beach (Jianyu L., Physics PhD Student)
Parent-child UChicago wear (Xinyi L., MScA Student)
Working from home = cat in my lap (Samantha L., Physics PhD Student)
Cassie Pawter! or MScA grad :) (Priya S., MScA Student)
Little paws always curious about everything (Diandian Y., MScA Student)
My princess with a moustache (Yue G., Computer Science PhD Student)
Winter ready (Christina S., MPCS Student)
Cuddlers: Hug for her roll for you (Chen Z., Computer Science PhD Student)
Capitan! (Mauro B., MScA Student)
Finnian specializes in string theory (Aurora I., Physics PhD Student)
Dou xian from the Hyde Park (Roxie J., Computer Science PhD Student)
Chiberian Husky (Will H., MS-PSD Student)
Time for My Dinner Mommy! (Jolina S., MScA Student)
Ginger on a cold Chicago day (Ben O., MScA Student)
A sass a day keeps the basics away. (Savannah G., Physics PhD Student)
Santa Cocoa Puff (Shinyoung C., Chemistry PhD Student)
Georgia cat first time seeing snow in winter Chicago (Yanbo W., MScA Student)
Muscles: Jungle cat in the big city! (Julia M., Chemistry PhD Student)