Research Resumption

Instructions for PIs and Core Facility Managers

  1. Read the PSD Lab Research Resumption Implementation Plan below.
  2. Complete the PSD Lab/Core Facility Research Resumption Form. Examples of completed forms, including a sample of a non-lab resumption plan, are provided below.
  3. Send your plan to your department/institute contact for department/institute review.
  4. Once your plan is approved by the PSD Dean’s Office, upload it to the University’s website and provide the information requested there. Webform submission instructions provided below.
  5. Ensure that you and your team members complete the Office of Research Safety (ORS) COVID-19-related safety training at
    1. Laboratory-based research: Log in and select the training titled “COVID-19 Controlled Resumption of Research Activities.”
    2. Non-laboratory-based research and personnel training: Log in and select the training titled “COVID-19 General Safety Training.”
  6. Each member must also complete the University attestation (see the link to Complete Your Attestation under Take Action).
  7. Ensure that your team members are familiar with UCAIR and the University’s guidance on public health.
  8. Post your plan on your laboratory or workspace door (do not include the personnel sheet).

No one should be pressured to work on campus if they are uncomfortable doing so, and retaliatory action taken against anyone who prefers not to return to work on campus due to concerns about infection will not be tolerated. Students who have concerns can contact the PSD Dean of Students, Bahareh Lampert ( and research staff and postdoctoral scholars who have concerns can contact their Human Resources Partner or Divisional Administrator Susan Hearth (, in addition to departmental representatives.

Amending Your Plan

If you wish to amend your plan, please submit the following to your department/institute review committee:

  1. A personnel sheet clearly indicating the essential personnel to be added and removed.
  2. Either a description of any changes to your plan, taking care to explain how you will maintain appropriate social distancing, or an edited plan. If the latter, please be sure to highlight the changes.

Once your plan is recommended by the department/institute and approved by the PSD, you will be notified and can submit your update to the University (see link to Amend Your Approved Research Resumption Plan under Take Action).

Research Resumption Downloads

PSD Research Resumption Faculty Committee

  • Aaron Dinner (Chair), Deputy Dean
  • Andy Campbell, Deputy Dean 
  • Andy Davis, Geophysical Sciences
  • Bryan Dickinson, Chemistry
  • Margaret Gardel, Physics
  • Shan Lu, Computer Science
  • Jeff McMahon, Astronomy & Astrophysics and KICP
  • David Miller, EFI
  • Dan Nicolae, Statistics
  • Jonathan Simon, JFI
  • Shmuel Weinberger, Mathematics