Research Resumption

PSD’s updated processes in response to the University’s transition to Phase 5 are outlined below. Aspects of our plans may continue to change in alignment with University, federal, and local public health guidance.

Due to privacy concerns, we remind you to avoid asking individuals their vaccination status. We understand that many members of our community will choose to maintain distance and use face coverings for various reasons, and we request everyone acts with consideration and understanding regarding these choices.

In-Person Research

In-person research across the PSD can now resume without limits to capacity and density. However, masking is still required unless an individual is alone in a private room/office. Research Resumption Plans are no longer required.


Individuals can be unmasked while dining indoors. When eating or drinking, those who are unvaccinated must maintain 6 ft distance from others, while those who are vaccinated need not. 

Building Access Requests

Building access remains restricted. Building access requests and issues should be routed to department administrators or building managers, where appropriate. Requests no longer need to be routed through the Research Resumption Plan process. Deparment administrators and building managers should continue to use the personnel list spreadsheet.

Vendors and visitors still require approval to come to campus. Check with your administrator for more information.

Business-Related Travel 

For all work-related domestic travel, regardless of funding source, individuals must complete the Travel Exception Request Form. These requests will now be approved by chairs and directors or their designees. It is expected that domestic travel will be approved for most research and academic activity.

For information and processes for international travel, please see updated guidance on UChicago Forward.

  • Aaron Dinner (Chair), Deputy Dean
  • Andy Campbell, Deputy Dean 
  • Andy Davis, Geophysical Sciences
  • Bryan Dickinson, Chemistry
  • Margaret Gardel, Physics
  • Shan Lu, Computer Science
  • Jeff McMahon, Astronomy & Astrophysics and KICP
  • David Miller, EFI
  • Dan Nicolae, Statistics
  • Jonathan Simon, JFI
  • Shmuel Weinberger, Mathematics
  • Astronomy & Astrophysics: Jennifer Smith
  • Chemistry: Trudy Beaubrun
  • Computer Science: Nita Yack
  • Geophysical Sciences: Jolene Hanchar
  • Mathematics: Judy Garza
  • Physics: Shadla Cycholl
  • Statistics: Yolanda Tyler
  • EFI: Sandy Heinz
  • KICP: Maureen Lowery
  • IBD: Julie Feder
  • JFI: Shay Purba