Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Strategic Plan

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Refers to attracting and advancing individuals with diverse skills, backgrounds, and experiences. The combination of these distinctive viewpoints contributes to the University's rigorous inquiry and ongoing success.

Increase racial/ethnic/gender diversity for faculty

  • Develop and facilitate faculty exchange program with Howard University and other institutions (Spellman, UIC, Chicago State University, other city colleges). Targeted Sabbatical program for notable URM faculty nationally (or internationally).
  • Provide faculty search committees literature and resources to engage in holistic faculty searches and onboarding of new faculty including but not limited to rubric templates and search guidelines from the Provost's office.
  • Establish peer mentoring program among URM or female faculty to facilitate retention.
  • Learn from or leverage efforts in other divisions and the university more broadly.

Increase racial/ethnic/gender diversity for postdocs

  • Establish (named) postdoc fellowships for URMs.
  • Advertise Provost's postdoctoral fellowship.
  • Identify/attend relevant conferences to recruit current graduate students.

Increase racial/ethnic/gender diversity for students

  • Solidify relationships with Howard, UIUC, and Columbia Bridge Program. Establish connections with Chicagoland institutions such as CSU, UIC, Northwestern and with other HBCUs including Morehouse and Spellman University.
  • Connect with current URMs to identify and make an inventory of their undergraduate programs. Reach out to identified undergrad programs.
  • Require implicit bias training for graduate admissions committees within PSD.
  • Encourage units to drop the GRE requirement for graduate admissions.
  • Design and implement local recruitment efforts: 1) summer research opportunities for local (city colleges etc.) undergraduates. 2) summer institute/bridge programs for URM, first-generation, and women students to build community and complete skills development post-admission and pre-fall quarter.

Increase opportunities for staff who are underrepresented minorities to engage in professional development

  • Connect with staff and staff unit supervisors to identify professional development needs.
  • Earmark financial resources to facilitate/support staff professional development endeavors.
  • Create consistent process for staff performance evaluations that ensures there is a two way dialogue and an opportunity for staff members to identify professional development goals.
  • Deploy Gallup staff survey.

Refers to the social environment we create and experience. Cultivating an inclusive climate is vital to building a community where all members experience a sense of belonging and can participate fully in the life of the university.

Positively impact sense of inclusion and belonging for PSD constituents

Mitigate and prevent instances of harassment based on any dimension of identity

Build sustainable EDI education process and curriculum (see training curriculum)

Institute Divisional climate survey to assess culture, inclusion, and belonging

Refers to building relationships with local and global partners. Our university, our city, and our networks will achieve more by learning and growing together.

Support South Side community

Support hiring and career advancement for local residents at the University

Refers to foundational structures—communications, policies, procedures, and roles. These key components are essential to creating a system in which positive change can be made and sustained.

Develop communication strategies to disseminate EDI efforts/initiatives/information

Provide EDI guidance to PSD units and a template for strategic plan for department EDI work

Recommend Division-wide policy to promote accountability