Staff Affinity Groups

The Physical Sciences Division encourages staff members to establish and participate in Affinity Groups.

What is an Affinity Group?

Affinity Groups are voluntary associations of people who have common interests. Affinity Groups play a vital role in articulating, promoting, and supporting the needs and goals of various communities.

Why create Affinity Groups?

The primary focus is to develop and improve the campus climate by increasing morale and providing a space for individuals with common interests and / or identities to connect and form bonds based on similar areas of interest.

Affinity Groups can:

  • Create a medium through which members can connect around shared experiences, interests, and identities
  • Increase opportunities for members to get involved and meet others
  • Promote leadersihp
  • Foster a sense of community within the PSD

Affinity Groups must:

  • have stated goals
  • have sufficient interest among staff
  • offer value to staff
  • host a minimum of two activities per year, which are eligible for EDISC funding
  • uphold standards for nondiscrimination
  • have a stated mission, goals, and name
  • submit biannual reports to EDISC

Please contact EDISC to discuss possibilities and etablish an Affinity Group for staff in the PSD.