2nd Annual Staff Awards

PSD staff members clap at a Zoom awards ceremony

The 2nd Annual PSD Staff Awards took place on Tuesday, November 16, 2021.

  • Out of the Box Award, Mat Wimberly, Dept. of Mathematics
  • Bridgebuilder Award, Sierra Sterling, Dean of Students Office
  • Keystone Award, Karin Czaplewski, Dept. of Computer Science

Read about the ceremony and the winners.

Meet the nominees below.


Out of the Box (Rising Star): 

An out of the box feature works immediately, without any special installation or modifications. This award recognizes a recently hired staff member into the Division (five years or less) who shows an innovative mindset. This individual was able to transition into their new role quickly and are successfully making a positive impact in a short time span. Rising Star indicates this staff member has been working in the PSD for less than five years. 


A bridgebuilder is a staff person who maintains strong relationships across teams, promoting collaboration and transparency to achieve the best outcome. This individual is someone that others look up to. They are consistently reliable and dedicated to their unit. 

Keystone (Seasoned Veteran): 

In an arch, a keystone is the last piece to be placed during construction, holding all the stones in position and allowing it to bear weight. In that spirit, a keystone staff member helps hold a department, team, or group together, serving as an integral member. This person is someone many other staff go to for encouragement, resources, or whom they rely on to “get the job done.” Seasoned veteran indicates this staff member has been working in the PSD for at least five years.