EDI Staff Committee


To elevate and amplify staff voices across the PSD units, build community, and help cultivate a sense of belonging for staff and other PSD constituents.


To create long-lasting and sustainable infrastructure to address staff needs in the PSD that will exist and operate beyond the tenure of appointed PSD leadership.


EDISC supports PSD EDI goals to: create opportunities for staff recognition, ensure transparency in leadership communications, and support equitable treatment and opportunities for staff members. Additional efforts involve promoting and supporting the needs of various communities and affinity groups.


Programming fosters a Division where people feel supported, valued, and respected as individuals with diverse beliefs and perspectives.

  • Quarterly Staff Coffee Hours facilitate connections among staff members
  • An all-staff, division-wide holiday lunch contributes to community building among staff across units
  • The annual Staff Awards ceremony recognizes and appreciates staff members for outstanding and valuable contributions to the PSD as nominated by colleagues, peers, and students. Awards celebrate contributions to the effectiveness and climate of their unit and the PSD made by new members, seasoned veterans, and EDI champions
  • Members also mobilize PSD wellness initiatives. During the Spring 2020 stay-at-home orders, EDISC members contributed to: staff and student wellness check-ins, Zoom social hours, blog posts for wellness strategies, phone check-ins between staff and students, and advocacy for compassionate leadership on campus and the South Side


If you are a PSD staff member who is interested in joining EDISC, please send a note of inquiry.


Email the PSD EDI Staff Committee, psdstaffedi@uchicago.edu.

Brent Barker

Teaching Support Manager for Undergraduate Labs, Astronomy & Astrophysics
T: (773) 702-8323

Trudy Beabrun

Trudy Beaubrun

Department Manager, Chemistry
T: (773) 834-1106

Cosmos Ray Boekell

Director of Computer Science Instructional Laboratory (CSIL), Computer Science
T: (773) 834-1947

Susan Hearth

Divisional Administrator, Physical Sciences Division
T: (773) 702-1832

Amy Keating

Assistant Director of Development, Physical Sciences Division
T: (773) 834-1770

Sarah Lippert

Sarah Lippert

Student Affairs Administrator, Department of the Geophysical Sciences
T: (773) 702-8180

Maureen McMahon

Maureen McMahon

Communications Specialist, Physical Sciences Division
T: (773) 834-5501

Jamie Palmieri-Guy

Jamie Palmieri-Guy

Financial Administrator, Physical Sciences Division
T: (773) 702-9008

Shirley Proby

Associate Dean of Students for Registration & Financial Aid, Physical Sciences Division
T: (773) 702-8789

Keisha Prowoznik

Admissions & Student Affairs Specialist, Statistics
T: (773) 702-0541

Laura Rigazzi

Associate Dean of Students for Recruitment & Admissions, Physical Sciences Division
T: (773) 702-9708

Jennifer Smith

Department Administrator, Astronomy and Astrophysics
T: (773) 834-0393

Interim Chair: Cosmos Boekell


Deputies Events Historian/ Communications Marketing Treasurer
Brent Barker Cosmos Boekell Laura Rigazzi Maureen McMahon (website) Keisha Prowoznik
Trudy Beaubrun Amy Keating
Cosmos Boekell Jamie Palmieri-Guy
Shirley Proby

Jennifer Smith

Sarah Lippert